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MoistCr1tikal announces new $10K challenge

The latest $10,000 speedrun challenge game is a 3rd person exploration game released this year. There are also changes to the format, replacing the glitch bounty with a race and expanding the number of prize-winning runs.

MoistCr1tikal announces new $10K challenge
Published 7 days ago

Today MoistCritikal announced his fourth $10,000 speedrunning challenge, this time featuring Escape From Lavender Island (2023). Fitting with the theme of featuring obscure games with a limited speedrunning history, the game previously had only one run on

In the announcement video, MoistCritikal also discusses the challenge of keeping up with the previously planned schedule of one game per month. In addition to the new game and challenge, he also announced a format change: the glitch bounty is gone and has been replaced by an end-of-challenge race!

There's also an important change to the prize structure, increasing the number of runs that will be eligible for prize money (and adjusting the amount of money that each place wins). If you're interested in participating, be sure to watch the linked tutorial video.

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Good luck everyone!

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