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SpeedrunsEspanol Announce Tears Of The Kingdom $10,000 Speedrun Challenge - The Recipe Run

SpeedrunsEspanol have announced a new 10k challenge "The Recipe Run" inside of Tears of the Kingdom - featuring the grand prize, a chicken-shaped trophy valued at over *$10,000!*

SpeedrunsEspanol Announce Tears Of The Kingdom $10,000 Speedrun Challenge - The Recipe Run
Published 2 months ago

But, there's more. SRE has recently communicated that, grateful for the enormous reception, it will deliver a pin to each participant who uploads a valid run.

This unique challenge combines the world of gaming with the culinary arts, as participants race to cook an original recipe as quickly as possible within the latest Zelda release. It's an epic adventure where speed, skill, and the tantalizing aroma of fried chicken unite for a chance to win the prestigious gold trophy.

Don't miss this incredible opportunity to showcase your speedrunning prowess and savor the taste of victory with 11 herbs and spices!

Starting date: Friday, June 23th 2023.

End date: Sunday, July 2nd 2023.

Duration: 10 days.

Get ready to put your virtual chicken frying skills to the ultimate test in this upcoming meme run.Prepare for glory and the chance to win a beautifully crafted trophy made of actual gold,valued at over $10,000. Whether you're a seasoned (pun intended) speedrunner or a daring newcomer, this challenge beckons all who dare to take part.

Check out some of the current fastest runs on the leaderboard

Here's what you need to know:


Any player anywhere in the world.


The Recipe Run. Make your original recipe as fast as possible in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom!


Through the leaderboard


Every speedrun must respect the official rules and regulations of The Recipe Run. You can learn more from the rules page here


A trophy depicting the fried chicken item of “The Legend of Zelda, Tears of the Kingdom” made of actual gold and worth over 10k, rock included. It will be sent directly to the winner of the run.

Here’s the official write up directly from the organizers of The Recipe Run!

Speedrunespanol hosts the Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom speedrun with a chicken shaped trophy worth over $10.000, courtesy of KFC.

Attention Speedrunners! SRE just launched a meme run in Zelda TOTK where the winner will get a gold trophy worth over $10.000.

The run consists of gathering the ingredients to cook their original recipe fried chicken: 1 raw bird drumstick, oil and 11 different herbs/spices.

You just need to:

● Show your inventory and talk to the Goronel AKA NPC Irton, timer starts once the

conversation ends.

● Go get all the ingredients without any specific order.

● Cook the chicken with the oil and show that you have the 11 different herbs/spices in your inventory. Timer stops when the pop-up with the fried chicken appears.

● Find the rules and more info about the speedrun here:

The fried chicken brand just launched a speedrun challenge consisting of cooking their iconic original recipe as fast as possible in the latest Zelda release for a chance to get a gold trophy valued higher than $10.000.

Good luck, speedrunners! ️

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