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SGDQ 2024 Games List is now out!

The games list for SGDQ 2024 is now live! Let’s dive in.

SGDQ 2024 Games List is now out!
Published 24 days ago

Before we start, a few notes about my thought process in creating this list:

  • There are SO many amazing games on the games list that if I wanted to include every single one of them in this list it would be far too long - so we’re gonna keep it pretty limited and I suggest you comb over the list yourself to know what runs to look out for!

  • This is of course all personal opinion, completely biased by my own experiences - so keep that in mind!

  • Runs will be listed in alphabetical order because I don’t think prioritizing any of them is particularly fair prior to the event - and you should form your own opinions regardless, this list is just recommending some runs for you to keep an eye out for :)

Also, each game and runner will be hyperlinked :) Alright, let's dig in!

Chibi-Robo | 1v1 Lockout Bingo by Jaxler & Kobazco

So I know next to nothing about Chibi-Robo - but I do know Jaxler & Kobazco make a hell of a commentary duo. I also know that Jaxler was absolutely HYPING up this category to me at AGDQ earlier this year, and let me tell you that man is convincing. I guarantee this will be a good show, so make sure you tune in!

Elden Ring | Any% Glitchless by blanxz

If you’re familiar with Elden Ring or Souls games in general you’ll know just how difficult they can be. Well, blanxz is a master - with world records in 6 different Souls games (depending on your definition, but that's a whole can of worms lol.) Considering Glitchless does what looks to be most (maybe all?) of the mainline bosses in Elden Ring and yet the time estimate is under 90 minutes - yeah I’m sure this will be a good time (no pun intended)

Half-Life 2 | New Engine Any% (No Voidclip) Race between Eold & Dirtch

The last time Half-Life 2 (HL2) was shown at GDQ was just 2 years ago, and yet the World Record has dropped MULTIPLE minutes since then, and the community sum of best even further than that. HL2 has seriously gone through some major routing revelations in these last years and definitely deserves its spot on the games list. With 2 runners on stage/screen at the same time, that's just double the goodness being fed directly into my eyeballs and I’m here for it.

Halo 3 | 4P Co-Op Legendary w/ adef, bryonato, Chronos_R, & NervyDestroyer

Helllll yeah gamers. We’ve got four GDQ all-stars in this submission running an amazing game on the hardest difficulty - is there anything else I need to add here? Yes, there is - watch the run.

Mirror’s Edge | Any% by BlackbeltGingaNinja

Mirror’s Edge is an ABSOLUTE classic. Top-notch high-skill movement that’s incredibly satisfying to watch, and some tricks/skips that will totally blow your mind. Even if you’ve seen this run before, it’s satisfying enough you should absolutely be tuning in again.

NecroVisioN Lost Company | Any% by Gulch2

Okay so I’m 99% sure every single one of you reading this article has never even heard of this game - that’s okay! Let me break it down for you. You run into sloped objects, you go NYOOM up into the air. Gulch recently came in and absolutely tore BOTH of the NecroVisioN games apart, and I’m super excited to be seeing this hit the big stage.

Outlast 2 | Any% No Checkpoint Killing (Cutscene Skip Mod) by Sharkhat

This may be a controversial take, I don’t know - but this category is a true diamond in the rough for speedrunners who love glitches. The vanilla version of Outlast 2 will kill the player if any of the game's checkpoints are skipped, but for this category that’s no longer a concern - allowing for ALL KINDS of wacky glitches/skips to be used in the route. Not to mention this run will also be using the Cutscene Skip mod which removes the icky downtime in the run. I’m all for prioritizing entertainment over “purity” in speedrunning, and while using 2 mods might be non-traditional - it makes for a hell of a speedrun!

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time | Defeat Ganon (No SRM) by dannyb

You may have seen Ocarina of Time (OOT) speedrunning before, but unless you’ve been following along for the last few months - you haven’t seen it like this. I’m not even sure I want to spoil the route changes this game has seen in this article - but trust me you have to watch this run. If you want to catch up prior to the run, I also recommend checking out this video from DannyB himself breaking down the new discoveries!

Powerwash Simulator | 6P Spongebob DLC by Acadiel, amyrlinn, AngelicKnight, Biglaw, enbee & EnigmaRequiem

The most efficient cleaning crew I’ve ever witnessed is BACK at GDQ once again, tackling the Spongebob DLC! Prepare for some electric commentary, and some very squeaky clean sponges (I assume?)

Tomb Raider (2013) | Any% by spicee

Spicee went on an absolute TEAR earlier this year, snatching first place in all 3 modern Tomb Raider games within 10 days and I’m so happy he’s able to show off one of them on the GDQ stage! TR2013 is yet another one for you glitch-hungry watchers, filled to the brim with lots of clipping through walls and walking on air - you know typical Lara Croft stuff right?


That’s it for now - once again I definitely recommend you go check out the games list for yourself, there’s lots of amazing stuff on there!

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