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Souls Charity Marathon is back for its 7th year this December!

Souls Charity Marathon is a community speedrun event filled with Souls series speedruns, randomizers, and our special feature relay race. Come join this one-of-a-kind event in efforts to raise funds for Save the Children.

Souls Charity Marathon is back for its 7th year this December!
Published 3 months ago

The 7th Souls Charity Marathon takes place December 1-3rd!

What is Souls Charity Marathon?

Formerly known as 'SpeedSouls Charity Marathon', this is the Souls Speedrunning community's beloved charity marathon. It consists of 3 days of back-to-back Souls speedrun content, but is not exclusive to just those games! During the event you can expect high level speedruns, randomizers, and our yearly tradition, the community relay race. The marathon benefits Save the Children and has fundraised a total of $126,000 to date.

What is the relay race?

The relay race consists of two teams of speedrunners who will race through the entire Souls series, and for the first time including Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Every year the relay race features a different category for this race, this year teams will speedrun the Any% Glitchless category of their games. This entire race is projected to be approximately 7 hours, and is not to be missed as it is truly the highlight of the event.

When is the marathon?

The marathon is December 1st-3rd, find the schedule here.

Where to find us:

Twitch: SoulsSpeedruns Twitter: @SoulsSpeedruns Website:

Don't miss out on our 7th annual marathon! Come for the Souls runs, stay for the community.

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