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May the Glitches Be With You by No Glitches Allowed!

A Star Wars speedrunning marathon to be held on 5/4/2024-5/5/2024 (event length dependent on submissions volume)

May the Glitches Be With You by No Glitches Allowed!
Published 28 days ago

May The Glitches Be With You

May the Glitches Be With You by No Glitches Allowed is a Star Wars themed event to be shown on the Star Wars days this year! This event is a small popup event set during the May 4 & 5th weekend (event length is dependent on submissions).


For this event, feel free to submit anything Star Wars - with or without glitches! Submissions open March 24th 2024 at 9am EDT, and will only be open until April 10th, 2024 - so get your runs in quick! This event is just for fun and will not be for charity.

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