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The Misfit Mascot Relay 2nd Edition!

Team based relay race speedrunning event with the goal of bringing light on the many old and often forgotten video game mascots!

The Misfit Mascot Relay 2nd Edition!
Published 1 month ago

The Misfit Mascot Relay - 2nd edition


What is the event about

Founded by @InfinityGene and @Thextera in October 2023, the Misfit Mascot Relay (MMR) is a multi-community speedrun event, focused on reigniting the love with some lesser known mascots/games of the time, and our goal is to bring more awareness to those games! (Such as Croc, Billy Hatcher, Klonoa, etc)

The vision for the MMR is to raise awareness with many of these forgotten franchises, that some people may not have heard about before. Bringing more attention and activity towards those gaming communities, and possibly introducing new runners into these games as well. But also, to just have fun in the process, connecting with the many other communities out there!

Click here to view the MMR trailer of this edition.


How does the event work

The relay race is comprised of 4 teams with multiple runners. Each team will have a representative runner for each of the games in the MMR event.

During the event, runners will complete their game as fast as possible, and then hand over immediately to the next team member for them to do their own run.

Once all runners of a particular team have completed their runs, they become the winner of the edition!

You can check out the VODs of the first edition here!


When does the event start

16th-17th March 2024

04:00 PST / 07:00 EST / 13:00 CET

The relay stream will be hosted on the BSG Marathon Twitch channel. Many thanks to them for kindly and continuously allowing us to resteam our event with them! BSG Marathon Website - Twitter/X


Oh, and please make sure to join our Discord server if you are also wanting to participate in the future, as all communications regarding the event will be made here!

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