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Anime Speedruns Community May 2024 Highlights

May 2024 Anime Speedruns Community Update, There's a lot to go over this month just because its coming hot off of Anime Speedruns Festival 2024! Like always a nonstop flow of new routing and information.

Anime Speedruns Community May 2024 Highlights
Published 18 days ago

May 2024 Anime Speedruns Update

There's a lot to go over this month as it's coming hot off of Anime Speedruns Festival 2024. We tried to go off of what was posted in the Discord server and came across the Anime Speedruns X feed! Tons of WR's were set this month, and like always there's a nonstop flow of new routing and information.

  • Slayers for the Super Famicom which has had improved routing and a new world record set by @SecondPlace92.
  • Slayers for the Super Famicom has had improved routing and a new world record set by @SecondPlace92. The new time is 2hr 14min 46seconds.
  • Beach: Heat the Soul - Full Category sweep in the game by @SWITERZ
  • @GalaxyGod set a new PB and WR for Cardcaptor Sakura Tomoyo no Video Daisakusen live at ASF with a time of 7min 34seconds.
  • @Katsushi1998 found a Soft Lock% glitch in Dolly Kanon 3DS
  • Infamous_ was verified and passed @Oh_Snap to take the Kakarot WR: 3 hours 55min 24 seconds.
  • In regards to major Dragon Ball Z news Buu's Fury, multiple prototype carts have surfaced after 20 long years of the game being released. Be sure to check out the information in the discord, research is being done on how this can potentially change the run.
  • Date a Live has had a fan game that was found.
  • Date a Live: Spirit has started to be run by @jensj56 with the current time sitting at 2min and 50 for Tohka Dead End.
  • The Ashita no Joe series has been punched with love, with new records set in every game by @MaindeSinge. Most notably, In the PS2 game 1hr 36min 9secs and on the Super Famicom game 7mins and 40seconds.
  • Black Clovers Quartet Knights Asta Any% had some history made, as @Platinum_mad overtook @Lgndv and took the first sub 13.
  • Shin Chan and The Shiro of Coal Town have their leaderboards up now and @runasoru set the first run. This is a beautiful game, and even if you're not intending to run it might be a nice treat to watch if you have time.
  • The coveted Doraemon (64) Nobita to Mittsu no Seireiseki board has a new record of 39m 32s in Any% and 47m 52s in 100% both set by @eji573 who has been on the speedrun grind!
  • The One Piece is still real, One Piece Unlimited Cruise 2 @MMat has been setting new WR times across JP/PAL versions. This game has some really cool slide tech movement, I really suggest taking a look at it.
  • One Piece GBA (Shonen Jump's One Piece) has been having additional level routing done by @Nighlin, this was shown off most recently at @MxBatty at ASF. This game has become more and more optimized over the past few months.
  • One Piece Odyssey Crocodile% was set by @miggnuggets. Will more runners challenge this RPG?
  • One Piece Pirate Warriors 4 WR was set live at Anime Speedruns Festival by @Nighlin, @GlodRoger has also been taking back records on Treasure Logs.
  • One Piece Treasure Battle sees new world records which were set at the ASF host house after the event by co-op teams @FinalCrash and @Glitchedd and @Shrimp_Brain.
  • Fate/Samurai Remnant continues to be updated, with the current DLC on NG+ @HarryMacDowell stands with the top time.
  • Fate/Extella Link Had an Any% run uploaded by @Galactic_Star, with an IGT of 47 minutes, there might be a good chance we see more of this game and its endings filled out.
  • The History of Granblue Fantasy Relink is being carved with @WAKARIX taking the WR for New Game+ in Granblue Fantasy: Relink,
  • @pipipipi achieved a 3hour 12min 43 second time in Any% No DLC. There's no telling what the time will be at the end of the year with updates new updates and releases scheduled for the game.
  • @Mageius has been putting work into Macross Shooting Insight with the current record sitting at 43:26. Along with pushing forward tech and bringing the game to everyone's eyes.
  • @DBcade beat a 4-year standing record for Genki Bakuhatsu Ganbaruger. The new record is 5min 29seconds.
  • @CwolfPilot got Zoids battle legends NG+ PB and WR of 44:25
  • @Pdently got the first sub 5 in Toradoras mini-game mode.
  • If you're looking for more cute games, the master of them @Katsushi1998 has uploaded a Story Mode NG+ run for Kirarin Revolution: Kirakira Idol Audition, The run is under an hour for both categories, and they are more than happy to help new runners out!
  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle R, has seen a huge push by @SigridoGaming and @gamebrain to drop time across all tournament and arcade modes. It seems to be a nice little rivalry of sorts!
  • JoJo Bizarre Adventure for the Super Famicom has seen new tricks and smoother play, probably thanks to translation patches, so now overseas players like @brkmnly can show off their skills. They reduced the new any% time to 2h 28m and 1s.
  • Inuyasha: Feudal Combat has been having a lot of theory crafting and discussion about routes, especially after ASF. Post your theories and even test them.
  • Samurai Champloo: Sidetracked, a game directed by Goichi Suda, has seen some improved routing and exploitation of the game's final boss to give way for a record of 1h 43m 42s by @Glitchedd
  • GetBackers games were explored by the community, with the beat 'em up standing out amongst them, GetBackers Dakkanya: Dakkandayo! Zenin Shuugou!! has a fun co-op run to check out with lots of potential routing.
  • Hinamizawa Branch School Basketball Tournament has your anime sports gaming covered, with @Akira_RP setting a Normal Mode record at 10m 21s. When They Cry Series is definitely overlooked, so it's nice to see some more games being discovered.
  • Hajime no Ippo is finally getting the recognition it deserves with @Hudson222 stepping up to challenge some of the times, with some interesting strats. This is definitely a game punch-out fans could dissect in a big way.
  • Demon Slayer Sweep the Board continues having initial times set, with some times being taken by @xddbzfan869, and the Hashira level has begun to be set by @DBcade
  • In the Digiverse, @HaloOfValor got routed the Boss Cup Record to a science and took WR at 1m 50 seconds in Digimon Racing.
  • Digimon World has seen @Kyutora and other members return to practicing the game and pushing for PB's
  • The slightly creepy GeGeGe no Kitaro game for PS1 has had some PB improvements in all major categories by @demodoriya. In particular, Niku Ningyou is now a 19:43 sub-20 time with optimal movement.
  • @AdrianVG finally put up a time for the Blue Mountain category of BLOOD+ One Night Kiss. Meaning the whole game has a speedrun path if you wanted to try a hand at it.
  • @TheLoniestCubone not only reexamined Shaman King: Power of Spirit but set the new record to 4 hours 18 minutes 28 seconds. Maybe we will see a sub 4 hour in this soon?!
  • Zatch Bell Electric Arena, and Arena 2 (Unare! Yuujou no Zakeru 2) have been seeing the charge beam strat return through @Esteban300s attempts. The current World records sit safely under his name for now.
  • Gundam is seeing a small revival, with @JorgeReevs_ix submitting a 12m 16s Hygog run, very hype!
  • SD Gundam Battle Alliance has a new pilot @Shelter_42 submitting a world record time of 2h 16m
  • Naruto Clash of the Ninja series of games has been seeing some heavy submissions and records set, probably due to lots of combo vids (Courtesy @HippoGNT4) and TAS's being released in the community. Runner @AutomatedAlligator has become the Hokage of Ninja Taisen.
  • A first record was set @Teufel9000 in Sand Land, The game has a lot of searching and routing that still are ongoing. The community needs more routers and researchers
  • @Norishige710 has been holding Jungle no Ouja Tar Chan for several years now. After the event he started trying to route the 100%, however after researching this feat has never actually been officially done, so it would technically be a world first if someone collected all acorns in all levels, or at least could create a road map to doing so.

If I missed anything from May feel free to comment below, join the Discord or @ us on X or Insta so we can can keep an updated list.

Thank you all for a great Anime Speedruns Festival this year, we have ASF Akira Toriyama Memorial Event coming up in August. ASF Bleach is also coming up in October.

Be sure to join the discord here and give yourself the roles for the series or games you're interested in (It's a very large community with a lot going on, so be careful of the ALL SERIES role.)

Any and all are welcome to be part of the routing and everything fun that is the Anime Speedrun community.

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