Game update = new run category!
Game update = new run category!
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Voxel has released a huge new update for the game - you may have noticed the change-up in the run categories.

Any% now refers to runs using the updated version of the game. Any% Classic is for anybody running the previous version.

The latest update includes:

  • Game actually tells you when you win, get to your home!
  • Much improved jumping through narrow gaps, no more pixel perfect jumps required
  • Fixed buffered jump
  • More feedback to show your water meter decreasing, new sound effects and visual bubbles help indicate the bar is depleting, and an alarm begins to sound when the bar reaches critical level
  • Longer map! With the improved movement, the old map became a little too simple. The original map has been improved and extended
  • Fixed orphaned sprite glitches
  • More fair hitbox for dart traps (fires are still extra dangerous though)
  • Extra effects for dart traps
  • Hidden secret greets screen
  • Player bubbleshot now has a maximum lifetime, no more infinite looping bubble softlocks
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