First try TAS 46.45s
10 months ago
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Hey guys! I've been enjoying watching people play this game. It's so short that I decided to attempt a TAS run. I'm open to any suggestions where you think it might be improved. Maybe it can help bring down the RTA record although Zarc doesn't have much to catch up.

Edited to add I timed it at 2787 frames in FCEUX directly. I start hitting right on the controller before the fish is even drawn.

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United States

Nice work! There's one spot at 28 seconds in the video where the move you did could save a little time, as it's hard to jump to avoid the missle, then jump to trigger the missle above, then jump again. I know I can save time there. Also, my climb up the 7 or so small platforms right after that was slow in the WR run compared to my previous runs. But the final climb was fast. If I can put them both together, plus your thing at 28s, maybe sub-50 is possible. It's getting tough though. haha thanks for doing this!

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10 months ago

Whoa, that ascent through the tight vertical section near the start, and the final climb at the end were nuts. This was super cool to watch! Thanks for sharing

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