Weird Skipping in Twitch Clips/Highlights
Weird Skipping in Twitch Clips/Highlights
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Not sure what's up with Twitch embeds right now. I've noticed that the videos on SRC seem to skip at times - jumping significant sections of the run and going right to the end.

I've found that clicking through the embed to the Twitch page itself, and watching it there works like a charm.

Pretty sure this isn't just a PEBCAK thing - I've tried a a couple different computers and it does the same on each? Just wanted to give a heads-up if it's happening to anybody else.

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I'm not on here as much as I probably should be. I don't review your run within a few days of submission please feel free to DM me on Twitch or Discord to let me know I'm slacking on my SRC queue - I won't mind.

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