Hey, I've recently got this game and was thinking of speedrunning it.

Anyway, I found a few interesting time saves that I think are really useful for anyone looking to speedrun this game.

1) In the mission "Top of The World" where you play as Elektra, you can complete the mission in under 40 seconds by wall climbing and avoiding all enemies. The first segment of this mission requires you to defeat a number of enemies before the wall opens up allowing you to progress. However, this can be avoided by wall climbing at the start. This is a tricky strat and can result in you falling to your death so I'd recommend practicing this before you try it and it's not a massive time save so it might not be worth it unless you're really good at it. Also avoid hitting the left trigger / L1 as that will make Elektra wall run instead of wall climb which is uncontrollable and will make her run to her death

2) The first mission of Storm can be finished upon destroying the first of the glowing orbs without destroying the 2nd. Idk how this works but it happened to me and idk how. I tried to get it to work again but it won't work.

If I find any other time saves, I'll post them here


Oh, another time save I forgot to mention is Femme Fatale, the mission where you fight The Wink as Wolverine, where you can save time

When she teleports up to those platforms and throws barrels at you, you can stop her from teleporting to the next platform if you're on top of the platform she's going to teleport to so she'll skip that platform. Also, instead of avoiding the barrels that she throws you can catch them and throw them back at her if you do it fast enough and as long as you're not too far away from her or too close to her (If you're too far, she'll teleport before the barrel hits her and if you're too close she will hit the platform and you won't be able to catch the barrel)


I'm testing more of the boss missions, particularly the ones where you can ring out your opponent.

The mission Earthquake! where you fight Fault Zone as Storm, you can get Fault Zone to jump to her death by flying over the pit to the left. This is very easy to do, just don't fly too far away or too low or you will ring yourself out.

The mission Daredevil! where you fight Daredevil as Elektra, you can jump off the Daily Bugle at the far side and cling onto the wall with your wall climb (Right trigger on the wall) and Daredevil will swing off to his death in an attempt to attack you. This can be tricky and can take a couple of attempts but even if you fail a couple of times, it still saves time over trying to kill him. Definitely worth doing (Also make sure to use your super jump to jump off the building because with the regular jump you won't be able to grab onto the wall before you fall out of bounds)

The mission To Defy A Goddess where you fight evil Storm as Wolverine (which is only done in the All Character Missions category), you can cling to the wall over the pit and Storm will eventually fly out of bounds to her death. However this will take a fairly long time as Storm will fly very high and it will take her a long time to fall far enough to die. It may be faster to just kill her normally or try to throw her off yourself but I'd recommend trying this out for yourself.

The Electric Man (Daredevil vs Johnny Ohm) can be completed by swinging over the pit and getting Johnny to fly to his death but it can take way too long for him to fly over the pit and Daredevil's special ability can run out by the time Johnny flies over the pit.

For Fatal Heat (Venom vs Solara) (there's no out of bounds in this fight), just use your super grab as Venom to sling items towards you and throw them at Solara and you should be able to kill her very quickly before she regenerates health. Along Came A Spider (Evil Spiderman vs Human Torch) has a similar strat but is harder because Spider-man isn't as strong as Venom so can't web as many items towards himself

Deadly Venom (Spiderman vs Venom) and Lethal Toxin (Hazmat vs Venom) you can also get Venom to kill himself by swinging around the Daily Bugle or over Grand Central Station's pit but be careful not to ring yourself out

You can get Spider-Man to kill himself in High Voltage (mission where you defeat Spider-Man as Johnny Ohm by flying around the Daily Bugle. Make sure to hold A (on xbox) or X (on ps2) to go up because Johnny will fly downwards quite quickly and can ring himself out. This reduces your special quickly so make sure to be above land before your special runs out

In Poisoned Steel, you can get Hazmat to kill himself by flying over the pit as Magneto but it can be hard to get him to do so.

In Duel of Masters, you can get Magneto to kill himself by teleporting over the pit as Paragon. This is much easier than Poisoned Steel.