8 Mask Glitchless route (V2)

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This is a glitch less route I have made for getting 8 masks in one cycle. I have made this route using the 6 mask as a base and going from there. If you just want to know the masks you get then here you go:
*Deku Counts
Great Fairy

If you want a full on guide than keep reading!

First you need to set up a race file. A race file is a file that has finished First Cycle and has just got the Song of Healing. and has only the Ocerina on C. NOT DEKU! Once that is done we may begin.

First go and grab the stray fairy. If you are playing on N64 make sure to look away from the bulk of area’s to reduce lag. Then make a mad dash to the Great Fairy Fountain and obtain your mask. Next, set the time to Night of the First day and go to the mayor’s office to get that mask Head over to the Stock Pot Inn and then equip Kafei’s mask and talk to Anju and then take it off and get the room key. Now exit the inn and head to the Laundry place and get Bremen’s mask. Head over to where Komero will be and wait until 12. Play the song of healing and get that mask. Go back to the Stock Pot inn and talk to Anju and get the letter. Exit and set to the next day. Now deposit the letter. Go to the laundry place and set time to night of the second day and then talk to Kafei and get the pendent. Exit and set the time to Dawn of the Final Day. Head over to Romani ranch then enter the chicken coop and make sure to avoid the Epona cutscene. Get the bunny hood, equip it and head back to Clock Town. It should now be about 1 o’clock so now enter Kafei’s house and get the letter and the mask. Exit and go to right next to the post office. Set the time to Night of the Final Day and give the priority mail to the postman. Head back over to the milk bar and wait outside until the postman comes back and grab his hat for your final mask. This will come to 8 masks (including deku.) and that’s the run. My first complete practice run was around 38 minutes. Have fun.