Updated Timing Rules
5 years ago

There was some general confusion about when timing ends for various categories. These have been updated for categories which do not end in completing the game.

The general goal is to have timing end on frames where it's very clear when timing should end, so things like ending on the fade in of a textbox appearing have been changed to some point where there's a very clear transition.

See the individual category rules for the exact rules.

As a general summary:

  • On categories which end with obtaining an item, mask, heart piece, or anything which appears above your head, timing ends on the first frame the thing appears.
  • On categories where you obtain song(s), timing ends on the frame the text of "you played x song" appears. This frame is very clear and appears instantly in one frame. Note that if you could skip this cutscene (for example, NWBN), then timing optionally could end on the first frame where you successfully pull off the skip. For song of soaring NWBN skip, this would be the first frame you re-pull out the ocarina.
  • For bottle contents you catch by swinging a bottle timing ends as soon as the bottle icon updates to reflect the new bottle content. This could be on a B or C button.
  • Great fairy reward timings are a bit strange since there isn't really any general way to describe the timings. See the individual category rules for these.
  • If you're performing a fairy reward cutscene skip (notably for Great Fairy Mask, Quick Spin, and Great Fairy Sword), then the timing ends on the first frame you enter the out of bounds water. This is actually a few frames before you receive the reward, but there's no clear indicator for when the frame of obtaining the reward is.

I will be going over all existing personal best runs and updating the timings to match these new rules. Please bear in mind this will take me a while since there are almost 200 runs for me to re-time.

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I've finished retiming everyone's personal best runs and the times should be all updated on the leaderboards. If you find any issues with a time, please let me know.