Multiple Submissions from a single run.
5 years ago

In that past this was allowed but it is no longer going to be. When you do a run for a specific goal you are doing only that goal.

An example as to what this post is referring to is this: Lets say you do a 10 Heart run. This does not mean you also did a 4 Heart run, a 5 Heart run, a 6 Heart run, a North Clock Town Tree HP run, etc... You only did a 10 Heart run.

Imagine if someone took their 100% run and submitted it to all (or almost all) categories on this board. This is not acceptable.

Any runs up to this point that did this and were verified will be left as is. But for the future all runs will be rejected except the specific one being done. Which will be considered whatever the end goal was or whatever the moderator decides to use.

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It has been brought up that if you are doing a category but then realize you are not going to get a new best time... can I decide to change category mid-run and do something else? Or will my run be rejected because of I'm now doing multiple runs?

You may change which category you are doing mid-run, in fact you might even switch more than once if you want. But at the end of the run you have only done one run and thus can only submit it as one run.

If you, the runner, do try to submit to multiple categories using just one run all will be rejected except for whatever is considered the end goal of the run. So if you are going to change categories, even multiple times, make sure to choose which you want to submit and only submit that one.