Race File Definition
6 years ago

[section=General] All categories are done from a Race File unless otherwise specified. So make sure to check the rules for the category before you start to make sure you are using the right type of file for it. Any submissions made not using the correct file will be rejected even if nothing advantageous is used in the run.

Using a Race File is done to get right to playing, skipping a long, static, intro.

[section=Race File] A Race File has the following:

  • Magic
  • South Clock Town Heart Piece
  • Ocarina of Time (Equipped to a C-Button)
  • Deku Mask (Not Equipped to a C-Button)
  • Song of Time
  • Song of Healing
  • 101 Rupees in the Bank
  • All Clock Town area entry Cutscenes Cleared

You are allowed to know the Bombers' Hideout and Oceanside Spider House codes for the file in advance.

There are Race Files linked in the Resources section.

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