Leaderboard update: Changes after Z-tech
Leaderboard update: Changes after Z-tech
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Around 3 weeks ago, a new technique got found where you can extend the Golden Mushroom usage to extreme amounts.

A short summary on what Z-tech is

The timer of the golden mushroom (300 frames) starts ticking down the moment you use it. However, when not able to use your item, the timer is paused. As you can't use an item when you're switching, the timer pauses when you switch. Conveniently, the mushroom effect will still continue through. So practically by chaining two switches, then using the shroom, you can keep using it for around ~52 seconds when done well.

This is applicable in any track, and extremely powerful on some tracks such as Dry Dry Desert or Mario Circuit.

That'll be all :)

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Leaderboard Changes (and more)

Hello Double Dashers! Some of you may have noticed some changes on the leaderboards recently :) Here's a quick rundown:

Leaderboards have been divided into two different categories:

  • Glitchless: MB, WS, MuC, BC, and any other future skips will be banned, as will Z-Tech. A-Tech, R-Tech, and L-
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