RTA Timing and leaderboard updates
5 years ago
Gelderland, Netherlands

Hello everyone, a few things:

  1. RTA is mandatory when submitting runs. This is to check that the run is done in 60hz, without any breaks. Were we to switch to mandatory IGT, either we would have to allow 50hz and taking breaks in runs, or require every submission to have video. I'd like to hear everyone's opinion on this.

  2. Don't submit RTA milliseconds. Human timing isn't accurate, and because tenths don't look good on sr.com, please leave them out. If there's a tie, just look at IGT.

  3. The current video proof standard is top 10 runs. However, this rule was made way back before MKDD got a lot of newer players and submissions. Should this be changed to a certain time barrier? Or is top 10 still fine?

Please let me know your thoughts in this thread.

Michigan, USA

I think top 10 is probably still fine. Also, if you were to switch to IGT, couldn't you still mandate that an RTA is submitted and determine if breaks occurred in the run by comparing the IGT and RTA to see if the non-play time was way larger than the average/ expected non-play time? Edit: I suppose that may open the possibility to someone just making up their RTA to make it something normal.

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United States

All runs must require video.

Missouri, USA
She/Her, They/Them
5 years ago

@Omar I don't agree as not everyone has a way of recording a video of their run. At minimum a picture of their results screen along with splits would work.

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Gelderland, Netherlands

[quote]Also, if you were to switch to IGT, couldn't you still mandate that an RTA is submitted[/quote] Might as well stick to RTA then as that would still be the main factor.

[quote]All runs must require video.[/quote] Personally when I got into MKDD it was my first speedgame and I found it really cool I could submit times without having to record it. Setting up your phone to record can be a hassle as well. Also some times (in my opinion) aren't even worth a video.

[quote]At minimum a picture of their results screen along with splits would work.[/quote] While that might be an alright way to require proof, I still have a few things against it.

  1. I'm a mod for MKDS as well and there are a billion runs I have to reject because we require a picture of IGT. I already reject a bunch of runs for not having RTA, so I don't want to add up on top of that.
  2. It's another step for runners to do. While still relatively low effort, it might just bump up the bar for people trying to get into it. Even though we know (and probably runners as well) that it's low effort, people just don't want to take that extra step. MKDD Activity is not that high right now, especially not in top range.

Edit: Also to add to that I've been noticing the higher people climb, the more they're inclined to prove themselves. I also kinda want this to have the same atmosphere as the players page, where proof isn't required but once you enter ~top 100 on the time trial leaderboards you should definitely consider recording a few videos. 3. So far I have not had any trouble with fake times, and if they're suspicious I will reject anyway, requiring a picture of IGT, or if higher, a video showing off their skill.

Lately a lot of the more popular leaderboards have required video proof on everything, or at least some way to do it. To me, the Mario Kart franchise (especially the classic ones) always have had a nice community around it based on trust (see Players Page). I'd encourage people to submit their IGT or record their gameplay, but I don't think I would want to enforce it, as to me the drawbacks outweigh the return of it.

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California, USA

Since there is over 200 players I feel like top 15-20 should have video proof, but if it stays at 10 that is still amazin

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