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5 years ago
Alberta, Canada

I think we should add a Time trail leader board for IL runs. What you guys think?

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Gelderland, Netherlands

There's already one right here http://www.mariokart64.com/mkdd/coursec.php where actually most MKDD people are active. I realize that the site looks really old (that's because it is) but it's still very active, getting 13 players to submit Time Trial times this week.

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Oregon, USA

I absolutely think they should add a Time Trial leaderboard for all Mario Kart games that have Time Trial runs.


no they should not, player's page exist for that

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Qu├ębec City, QC
He/Him, She/Her, They/Them
7 months ago

why would you want to add tt to src if a there are already 2 very active sites for it?

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Hello Double Dashers! Some of you may have noticed some changes on the leaderboards recently :) Here's a quick rundown:

Leaderboards have been divided into two different categories:

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