7 years ago
Gelderland, Netherlands Hey everyone, MisterIXI just released the first version of BananaSplit, the new timer for ACT!

Here's how it looks:

Go to the resources tab to find the download!

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California, USA

How do i use this on a keyboard without the crappy number pad


it seems weird to use, really, that means you need 14 (or 16?) buttons for the splits?

Also, its better to put a 2-15split on speedrun to avoid stress on runs (you can't know whats your time until its the end of 15th run, so you can focus on the run without worrying on the splits)

but its a great tool to compare your TTs and the splits to know where you actualy lose time, but sounds hard to use.

awesome idea, but you focus more on spliting than doing the run itself i guess.

(thats my personnal thought, maybe i'm the only one that don't really love it on actual runs)


Well it is only written as a windows application, but using emulators like Wine or similar should work. Never tested it myself though.

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