New player has some question :)
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New player has some question :)

Hi :)

I was thinking about starting Mario Kart Double Dash speed run and i have a question about how to start.

What do I need to do to get a valid time? Then I mean timer or proof or anything like that.

Thanks for help and im looking forward to get some times on the leaderboard :D

Gelderland, Netherlands

Hey there!

As for Grand Prix speedruns, all you need is just to time your run using a timer such as Livesplit (or just a stopwatch). Timing begins on starting the run, and ends on finishing the last race of the cup. This is called RTA or Real Time

At the end of your run, in the game itself, it will display your IGT (In Game Time). Feel free to add this to your submission as well.

Proof is not necessary until top 10 times :)

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