Possible rules for Categories Extensions
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Possible rules for Categories Extensions

All Left Arms:

  1. None Arms must be aquired before initiating runs on this category (30 in total).
  2. Timer starts when the first arm is aquired, finishes when the last one is achieved (It may vary whether to do full campaign or just the arms themselves).
  3. It can be played in both NG and NG+, however, if NG+ is played, the first rule aplies.

All posters:

  1. You must cut each of the 4 provokative posters displayed throughout the campaign.
  2. Time starts when facing the first posters and finished once Courtney comments on us on our last (Again, can be changed to full game).
  3. Both NG and NG+ are fine.

All ID's:

  1. You must get each of the 20 IDs displayed throughout the whole campaign.
  2. Time starts when grabbing the first and finishes once the last is grabbed (Or full game).
  3. NG and NG+ are fine, note that in NG+ you must not have any IDs aquired beforehand.


  1. You must complete a full playthrough according the Stormbringer's achievement specifications (Revengeance, all fights Rank S).
  2. Whether you do it even after having the achievement already aquired or not is fine.
  3. NG and NG+ are okay.
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I appreciate the suggestion for the categories and a short rundown on what the rules could and or might be! I'm not really sure about Stormbringer%, but for this game there are for sure many Category extensions that could be a thing.

Due to other stuff the rules will be delayed for maybe another 2 weeks. I'll get to it as fast as I can so the Category Extension runs can finally start!

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