new MGRR PC Autosplitter update
11 months ago

hey folks, for the PC version of MGRR the autosplitter was lacking some useful features. I updated the splitter and added the following things:

new start conditions:

  • now every R-01 through R-07 chapter can start the splitter
  • now every boss fight can start the splitter (for Boss IL and Boss Rush)

new splits points:

  • each begin of a Boss Fight from the chapter selection is also an individual split points
  • each QTE of a boss fight as defined by the Boss IL rules is a new split point

With this you can now easily correctly time your Any% no R-00 runs, your Bossrush runs and your Boss ILs.

known issue:

  • Jetstream Sam split condition is currently not 100% accurate. Mods will retime this run in all cases until a better solution has been found.


Finally: I made a bunch of split files for your convenience. Standar splits applied, either select all main game splits or all boss rush splits. SAM DLC splits are not yet included (because this wasn't updated in this update)

Feel free to leave me feedback in this thread and happy testing. I hope that this update will be useful and once successfully tested can be provided as official new version.

Happy running!

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