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1 year ago

After many months of doing this alone I think its time to request it as category. Stealth as much as possible. Goal is 22 or 23 alerts (both counted equally low as its the same route but the final alert screen differs for an currently unknown reason).

Rules: -Time starts at R-00 and ends on Zandatsu armstrong (as usual) -Must show the final alert screen (can use the credit skip mod) -The common sense rules like no cheat engine, etc. I guess.


Please link a VOD of the category that you are proposing.

Does this work? Its very slow but gets the job done. I havent been able to get successful recordings recently without OBS crashing


Okay, after thinking about it the following things I think should be set clearly: Stealth% means completing a game from start of R-00 to finish at the final QTE input at R-07. A maximum of 22 alerts are allowed, runs with unexplicable 23 alerts will not be accepted.

Furthermore, in your run submission we can only hear the voice audio, but the rules state we need to hear audible game audio, which includes the other game sounds (music excluded). Please make a new submission video that has both voice and general game sounds audible.

Finally, showing the credits is not mandatory, but showing the final result screen is. I agree, the other rules of not using cheat engine are covered in the general game rules obviously.

Once you have that submission ready, we can accept it and add the category to the boards.

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Ok thanks, ill get a recording over the course of the week (probably)

edit: another question, must the sound effects only be audible or must it be at a certain volume? I´d prefer to have it low but still audible enough to be easily heard if thats allowed

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low but audible is totally fine, just not muted.

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Im not sure if this works but I hope it does


thanks, I'll watch it a bit later as I'm busy right now. but I'm aware :)

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