Discussion for the Definition of 100%
5 years ago
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The definition for 100% has never been decided. The basic definition is everything that counts in the password:

  • All weapons (but not full ammo)
  • All equipment
  • All 25 prisoners rescued, including fake Dr. Pettrovich (menu to cancel the pit to rescue easily)
  • All 10 bosses defeated
  • Glitches are allowed

But there are a couple questions now that I look at this again:

  1. Should 0 quantity mines, remotes, explosives, and rations be allowed at the end? Those items disappear in the menu when there are none left. I would say yes for the sake of less potential backtracking. All that would matter is that they were collected during the run.
  2. Should the transmitter be a required item despite it being a bad item? My original idea was to add an extra challenge and make it different from the other categories, but it is somewhat obnoxious to run, and it removes the use of the silencer. There is also the risk of accidentally removing it when trying to use a ration. Also, the MSX version's 100% does not require it, so perhaps this should do the same. This is the one question that needs some discussion.

I made a run on console a few years ago that I never uploaded using the rules as they are written now because I wanted to have a decision on the definition first. I suppose I should upload it to show the route (and especially to show the Fake Dr. Pettrovich "rescue"), but not submit it until 100% is defined.

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In my run I did save the fake dr pettrovich, i exited the room, then reentered and shot him? So you cannot shoot him even after rescuing him?

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Here is my 100% speedrun from a few years ago: https://www.bitchute.com/video/pZ3EWGBoIUFP/ (uploaded there because I don't want to deal with copyright claims from Konami again)

The part of my video for the fake Dr. Pettrovich starts at 23:40 and shows how it should be done. I guess the rules were not clear, so I added a clarification to it. Basically use the menu to cancel the pit immediately after the message (also switch to card 1) and then rescue the prisoner like any other, which will cause the rescued pose with no additional message. Leaving and reentering the room will still trigger the pit and message again, but the prisoner will be gone, which shows that the password was updated.

Now that I have thought about it, I think 100% should remove the requirement to keep the transmitter, and also allow zero quantity mines, remotes, explosives, and rations. It will make running this less annoying. That would make both of us redo our runs, which we want to do anyways. What are your thoughts about that?

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I like it and thank you for the clarification. Im not sure about removing the trans receiver, it does make the run a little more tedious, but also more fun. Im on board with the zero quantity weapons however.

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I know I haven't run the category but I think allowing the transmitter to be dropped would be good since you do end up getting it. I also think allowing zero ammunition of weapons allows for keeping the spirit while improving quality of the run.

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The only remaining question about the definition of 100% is the transmitter. I would like to have a consensus before accepting any runs, and submitted mine. Here is a list of some pros and cons.

Pros: The transmitter makes this category very different than any other. At least some of the extra difficulty is mitigated by having weapons. The alert music is finally played in full. The transmitter doesn't cause a huge amount of extra time for the run.

Cons: 100% is already unique by its own definition. I had been thinking of defining a glitchless run, but even that would have been different regardless of transmitter. The transmitter makes the run far more difficult, which could discourage newcomers. Risk of accidentally removing the transmitter when using a ration.

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