Timing Rules and other requests
5 years ago
Chicago, IL, USA

For people coming to this board, I think it would be wise to clarify the timing method for the categories. This would make it easier to know without looking at a run, and is common practice on leaderboards. My understanding is SDA style timing (first input to final input, Jungle to Explosion Flash). The exact countdown to first input (-13.16?) should also be included.

I'd also appreciate a link to the wiki page https://www.metalgearspeedrunners.com/wiki/doku.php?id=metal_gear_nes included on the sidebar, via the website/wiki option.

Thanks dunnius!

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I added the following to the rules for the categories: "Timing starts at the fade in of the first jungle screen, and ends at the fade out on the final elevator. Use a countdown of -13.10 when pressing start on the title screen."

I also adjusted Master-88's runs to reflect the way we do timing, which was a difference of a few seconds. I also added a comment that it was adjusted.

I added the wiki page. I will have to add some notes to that. I also should probably redo my tutorial at some point. I think there are some minor things that are out of date, including the locations to do card switches. I went through all of the rooms and noted the amount of each screen's transition time, which caused some changes. I need to go back and clean up the room names, etc. I also need to get back into speedrunning this.

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Chicago, IL, USA

Thanks for making that adjustment dunnius! It'd be cool to see you running the game again. Honestly, this game is underrated as far as running goes. A remade tutorial could make a big difference. Eriphram and I were discussing making a beginner's tutorial (safe strategies, quick tutorial) for those coming into it fresh. I'll be excited to know when you begin working on it, and if there is anything the other runners can do to help.

If you want to register to make improvements to the wiki page, feel free to make an account. :)

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We should definitely work together to make tutorials; one for safety/racing, and one for advanced techniques/speedrunning. I have the technical knowledge because of TASing, but my presentation of information is not that good. I could create a thread for tutorial planning, but I recently got on Discord (dunnius#4843). It is probably easier to plan tutorials in chat.

I will create another thread, 'Ask Me Any Game Mechanic Questions' which would be helpful for guide planning, and is basically a list of things for me to research if I don't know the answer. It could also be a start of a Q&A section. I have a few things I need to research anyway.

I also created an account on metalgearspeedrunners.

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Chicago, IL, USA

Hey dunnius, you should join the MGSR discord, where we have a channel for mgnes. This may be easier for coordination https://discord.gg/4vrB3Kb

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