Finally got a 100% run I feel good about submitted.
5 years ago
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Hoping it makes the cut, pretty sure I got everything. 1 death! Was on deathless pace until I got sniped. Let me know dunnius!

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I look forward to seeing it!

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Any updates? I see the deathless run was accepted, however the 100% remains pending? I do not see it was rejected as of yet?

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I had so much to do yesterday that I ran out of time, but I will look at it today. Also, now that we have a community, I would like to have a consensus on the definition of 100% before accepting any runs. I posted in the other thread the pros and cons of the transmitter, which is the only thing unresolved. The decision will not affect the current runs.

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I went ahead and approved our 100% runs, but we still need a consensus about the transmitter. At least keeping the transmitter is not something that saves time (and not by a gigantic amount), so if it is decided otherwise, it will reduce the times.

By the way, the body armor does nothing in this game. It is supposed to cut damage in half, but since all damage does 1 HP of damage, there is nothing to half.

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I would be in favor of dropping the transmitter but would not be opposed to keeping it.

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I posted this in the other thread, but I don't know if you saw this. I came up with a list of some pros and cons.

Pros: The transmitter makes this category very different than any other. At least some of the extra difficulty is mitigated by having weapons. The alert music is finally played in full. The transmitter doesn't cause a huge amount of extra time for the run.

Cons: 100% is already unique by its own definition. I had been thinking of defining a glitchless run, but even that would have been different regardless of transmitter. The transmitter makes the run far more difficult, which could discourage newcomers. Risk of accidentally removing the transmitter when using a ration.

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I remain in favor of the added difficulty, I think it makes the run stand out among the other categories.

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