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Original hardware is not required. Emulator rules follow the individual games' rules

Save state may not be used to switch games, but multiple consoles / emulator windows are allowed

If using multiple consoles, game switching may be done during cutscenes, but playing another game during cutscenes is banned in all categories.

Cutscene play and simultaneous play are banned.

There is no restriction on taking breaks, but break time beyond the 25 seconds of allowed time between games, or breaks not during game switch, will be added to final times.

Switching Games and Timing Timing must follow the normal RTA timing for each game and the beginning and end of each game's timing must be clearly visible. Any means to speed up game switching such as multiple consoles / emu windows and switching / prepping during cutscenes is allowed.

Time with loads / game switching and time without loads / game switching are tracked on the leaderboards (with the exception of Marihour and Credits Warps) A maximum of 25 seconds is allowed between games before time begins to be added to final times.

If using cartridge-based hardware, It is not necessary to physically switch games on the clock or put games in console on the clock. The game can be physically in the console and ready to go. For example, a game can be put into a console during a cutscene in another game. Additionally, testing a game to see if it is working is acceptable off the clock. Any alcohol swabbing or seating cartridge to ensure the game works can be done during cutscenes. A 2nd console, AV switch, or other hardware may be used to facilitate the switching games.

All categories with the exception of Decathlon require that after the initial game, additional games must be booted up on the clock with power on visible. This prevents pressing start on title screen and having next game ready at the starting point before finishing a previous game when using multiple consoles

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For extra clarity on timing, I've updated all the rules of the main categories to specify when timing starts/stops for each game/category. I've also edited the times on runs that I found that didn't adhere to the proper start times. (ex: starting from power on for partial runs that were completed during Marihour categories)

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