New Moderation Team + Leaderboard Updates
11 months ago
New Hampshire, USA

Hello everyone. Last week, a new moderation team has been made for the MCMG leaderboard, and since then the new moderators have made a collaborative effort to fix up the leaderboard and turn it into a more ideal place for people to submit their runs. This is going to be a rather lengthy post, so be prepared!

New Moderation Team: @Mars02 , @stewie_cartman , @Kosmic , @EthanRTA , @SuperMegaDav , @lackattack , @GTAce

  1. All categories will now be timed without loads!

This only affects Marihour and Credits Warps, since every other category already is timed without loads. We have also raised the game switching time cap from 25 seconds to 30 seconds (except for SMB2J which is 45 seconds due to the longer FDS bootup). This way people don't feel super rushed to boot up a new game to prevent losing too much time.

  1. Game Orders:

This is the current status of the game orders that the Moderation Team has chosen:

~ Famicom + NES Trilogy: Fixed order (1+2J/2U+3) We felt that given the title 'Trilogy', it would feel a little weird to have the games played at any order, and we felt that it wouldn't be as interesting.

~ Pentathlon: Free Order We believed that it would be much more fun to allow free game order for Pentathlon!

~ Decathlon: Free Order Nothing much to say for this one since Decathlon was already free order.

~ Marihour: Fixed Order (1, 2J, 2U, 3, W, 64) We didn't like the idea of allowing free game order for Marihour since it would change the category too much.

~ Credits Warps: Fixed Order Credits Warps was already in fixed order before.

  1. We are now allowing JP versions for Marihour:

A while ago, there was a lot of talk amongst community members about the Marihour rules, and the Moderation Team has agreed that it would be great to lift the 'US-Only' rule from the Marihour speedrun!

  1. New Categories: The Moderation Team came up with a couple categories to add onto the MCMG leaderboard. Most of these were on the leaderboard a long time ago, but were removed unexpectedly.

~ Quadrilogy: This category is essentially SMAS All Four Any%, but the original 8-Bit versions (SMB1, SMB2J, SMB2U & SMB3)! We decided that this category should have free game order.

~ SMB1+SMB2J (misc.): This category was on the leaderboard before but was removed. This category will have a fixed game order.

~ SML1+SML2 (misc.): This category was also on the leaderboard before being removed. This category will also have a fixed game order.

As of posting this, these changes have not been done yet on the leaderboard. You should see them take place over the next few days!

Please give the moderation team a big thank you for making these changes. A lot of time, effort and debate has been put into making these decisions.

Since this is meant to be an informative post rather than an open-ended discussion (and to prevent necroing), I will be locking this thread. If you have any questions, or would just like to hang out with other community members, I highly recommend you join the MCMG Community Discord Server:

Thank you to everyone who has read this monster of a forum post!

~ MCMG Moderation Team

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