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Super Mario Bros. Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels Vs. Super Mario Bros. All Night Nippon Super Mario Bros. Super Mario Bros. Special

Basically all games that run off of the SMB1 engine.

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The moderators are currently discussing your request. :D

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We have agreed to add the category to the leaderboard. However we won't be including SMB Special since it was officially released on the PC, and the original version of the game varies a lot from the NES ROM hack that we all know. We also don't want to include the NES ROM hack since it could open the doors for other "unofficial" releases of games to be included. And also, the original version of SMB Special was not particularly built on the same engine as the other four games (you can check out a playthrough online).

The category will only consist of: SMB1, SMB2J, Vs. SMB, ANNSMB.

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Texas, USA


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