No breaking or placing items unless instructed or implied.
5 years ago

Seems we thought it's "No placing block", so none of us find the two Glitchless_With_Preserve break the gamerule...

What's worse if "PLACING unintended item in container" is not allowed then noBoss Battle skip

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Iowa, USA

It really doesn't matter that much. The rules are kinda vague, and it's our job to interpret them the way we want to for the speed running community. And saying that placing the wrong items in a container shouldn't be allowed is ridiculous, that's not against the rules, Just like it wouldn't be against the rules to place a map in the chest you usually only place the white wool in.

Iowa, USA

Besides, if you want to get really specific, boats aren't items, they're entities.

Then wools aren't items, they're blocks?


Lets not make a mountain out of a mole hill. The point of speedrunning is as a community effort to lower the time taken to complete various categories decided by the community. Without the boat OoB, the category would be some combination of Survival Branch Only and Glitchless no Preserve. The point of the way the categories are split is to have as few redundancies as possible. Each category has a fairly different route, and that's the beauty of it. We could add 10 more categories and have all of them be combinations of the other ones, but that's just silly. The rule is vague enough as it is, so instead we'll use common sense and reason to not box ourselves in with hard, fast, rigid rules that are black and white, rules of our own creation. The verified runs exist, and I'm also not about to delete them just because they violate some sudden rule change. Although the rules do seem to include boats, by doing so we'd cause much many more issues to crop up. The point of the category is to showcase the preserve primarily, and I feel it does this fairly well. So in conclusion, I see no reason to change what we've already established. The categories are good enough as is, as changing them would cause many more problems to crop up.