Map Rules of Diversity 1
5 years ago

I figured we should have a thread saying what the rules of Diversity 1 are and how they apply to us runners.

  1. No breaking or placing items unless instructed or implied.
  2. No changing difficulty or gamemode.
  3. No typing game commands.
  4. Single Player: Select Easy now and avoid Options Screen (see DOWNLOAD FOLDER for details).

What these mean:

  1. This is the most restrictive rule, it means that we can't break any blocks unless we are in the survival branch and place any blocks unless we are told to by the map. We can't break blocks in the lobby, alter redstone, escape out of bounds by pillaring, etc.
  2. We can't change our gamemode or difficulty essentially via any means. No command blocks, no commands, no options screen, nothing. Only the map can do it for us.
  3. We can not type any commands, simply as that.
  4. This rule doesn't really apply.

Additionally, in the Survival branch is this rule:

  1. You may not place or break blocks within this bedrock chamber.

Placing blocks on the outside of the bedrock chamber is perfectly fine, and that does mean you can activate certain command blocks to preserve wool etc.