add Frezyman's run to the leaderboard
1 year ago
United Kingdom

difficult in 16:53 done on 13th december 2006


No. They must submit themselves. It is againt SRC rules to submit on someone elses behalf.

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Victoria, Australia

I can’t actually find anything in the rules saying a run must be submitted themselves, as long as it’s attributed to the actual runner (they would need a src account).

If you can also link their src account it’s a possibility. But in general I’m not into the idea of submitting runs for other users and would recommend reaching out to the user themselves first.

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He/Him, They/Them
1 year ago

I've seen runs in the Tintin In Tibet Leaderboard that weren't submitted by the runner themselves and without having an account referenced for those runs.

The moderator of the board did it. Not sure how I feel about it or if src is ok with it.

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