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2 years ago

Hello everyone, AlfredoSalza reached out to me and wanted to entrust me with the task of assembling a new moderation team. This is a call for mods! If you’re interested in moderating these boards feel free to make a post here or on the community Discord, or reach out to me through Discord DMs (not src DMs, because src messages are still broken at the moment being afaik and I’ll likely not see them). I think a team of around 3-4 people would be ideal for now. A suitable candidate would really just be anyone who knows the game and has some level of involvement with the community. If there’s many candidates we could potentially put it to a community election of sorts. I’ll keep applications open for one week. If the community has no objections, I would be glad to stay on the moderation team, but do let me know if you don’t think I should hold this position.

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Victoria, Australia

Hello all, I agree we should have multiple mods so we don’t have similar issues as we’ve had in the past. While @SBDWolf hasn’t been around for a long time the impact he has made on the game with new WR’s, sharing his optimizations and active communication in such a short amount of time I believe he is a good candidate. I will also put myself up for consideration as one of the current mods of cat extensions and fellow passionate Lion King'er.

On a side note, I believe this will also be a good time to revaluate our board and the separated category extensions. There are so many reasons to combine these boards, the main one being that after over a year since it was added I’ve spoken to a lot of new runners and the existence of that board is virtually unknown, and with the new site redesign it’s even more hidden.

I also don’t think the game is large enough to warrant a separate page when the main only has 2 categories at the moment which with the inclusion of the others will also make show that our community is more active (plus this is the general point of the misc. tabs). With more active mods and with how close the Lion King community is I think this would be a great step to take and be discussed. Personally, I would like the see Easy-Normal-Difficult as main tabs and the remainder of the category’s included in Misc. This would make a great poll if we have a multitude of opinions.

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Noted you down! I do think this could be a chance to reconsider some decisions, and I'm sure there will be opportunities to discuss those things and vote on them in a democratic way, once the moderation team gets formed.

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Pohjois-Pohjanmaa, Finland

Hello all, already had a small discussion with SBDWolf but also want to put it out here publically that I would be interested in the position. Been around the LK scene for a bit over year and a half now, began with SNES and have been keeping myself active with sciencing new stuff and competing/running the game in live events in Finland. I try to keep myself a voice of neutrality and making sure everyone gets their voices heard and viewpoints considered in decisionmaking so would like to join the moderating team to keep things running smoothly and fairly to everyone, new and old alike.

I don't have prior moderating experience with srcom boards, but I am active in the Finnish speedrunning scene, holding a board position in one of our speedrunning associations, working as part of a team organizing speedrunning, developing tools when time allows (like the MS-DOS LK autosplitter) and taking part in different speedrunning related activities whenever the opportunity presents itself.

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@ROTFLandmines Noted you down as well, thank you very much!

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Alright, a week has passed and there's 9 people who have expressed interest! They are:

  • SBDWolf
  • Carter44
  • Stormy
  • Dragowiz
  • Nichole
  • Akiteru
  • PlayingWithDick
  • Fricker22
  • ROTFLandmines

I'm pretty blown away by how many people offered to mod the boards, so thank you all very much for offering to help! And yes, I think it's only fair for me to be included with the other candidates. I think it's best to vote on this. If other people receive more votes than I do, I will step down.

I think a team of 4 would be good. It's always going to be possible for additional mods to join later, if the new mod team wishes to and if they're still interested, after all. I propose we use Single Transferable Voting for this. Voters will have to rank candidates from their favorite to their least favorite (1 to 9 in our case). If someone's favorite candidate can't win, then their second choice will be counted, and if they also can't make it in, then their third choice will be counted, and so on. This voting system is designed to make it so that voters don't have to worry about who everybody else is voting for, so you can honestly rank someone who you legitimately think is your favorite candidate as your number 1 pick, and if they don't get in, then your next choice still gets counted. If you don't feel like ranking all the candidates, you can rank however many you feel like, be it the top 4, top 6, or just your number 1 pick.

I think voting should be open to everyone who currently has a run on the SNES or Genesis boards. There's not too many active community members who only have a run on the Genesis boards, but I think their input is valuable nonetheless. Candidates can also vote and vote for themselves.

The voting is going to be managed through a Google Forms document by @Insomnimatic . It is going to ask for your src name to make sure it's people with a run on the boards who are voting, and Insomnimatic -is- going to be able to see exactly who is voting for who, but nobody else will be able to. Everybody else will get to see the final votes count. I figured since I'm a candidate in this, it'd be best to let someone else handle the form.

If anyone has any questions or any objections to this, please let me know. I will let a few days go by for people to read this, and if everyone is fine with these terms, we can start the voting.

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Hey everyone, here's the voting link:

Small update since the last time, Super Mod is going to be awarded to the top ranking candidate.

To re-iterate, this poll uses Single Transferable Voting. You'll be asked to rank candidates from 1 (most favorite) to 9 (least favorite). If your number 1 pick doesn't get enough votes, then your number 2 pick will be counted. If a candidate gets more votes than it needs, then the extra votes will be redistributed in a weighted manner as well. This means that you should NOT worry about what everybody else is voting for, and you can honestly rank candidates in the way you truly prefer. The system is built to waste as few votes as possible.

You also don't have to rank ALL candidates if you don't want to, you can rank Top 4, Top 6, Top 1 or however many people you want if you don't have any preference past a certain point.

Voting will be open to everyone who at the moment has a run on the SNES or Genesis boards, until November 14th (Sunday).

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Hello everyone, results are in.

Apologies for the delay first of all. There were 21 votes total, of which two were from people who did not have a run on the boards. I think it was made pretty clear that this was a requirement from the beginning, so these two votes were discarded. There was also one troll vote submitted under my name, which was discarded as well. That brought the total down to 18. You can see the numbers in the form in the post above, though that includes the votes that were discarded, which were not counted. The vote was run under STV, which means the results were calculated through the individual votes.

With that in mind, the four winning candidates are @PlayingWithDick , @Nichole , @SBDWolf , and @Dragowiz . Congratulations, and thank you to everyone who voted and especially to those who put themselves up as candidates. @PlayingWithDick will receive Super Mod, as he received the most votes.

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