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I've really only run the category once to prove I could do it, so I don't have notes on no slots runs.

Also, the route will really change whether you are playing US or JP/PAL versions, since the JP and PAL versions have enemies that give 133% EXP and 200% compared with the US version, so your route will have to account for that in some way. You'll get more levels and money from forced encounters in the JP/PAL versions, and the run is faster/easier overall.

I will say that the routes are identical through Zeto, except that you want to pick up the Tempest Jewel and Burning Jewel in the rooms right before Songi for an extra 2,000 G. You also want to get Theeder, since that's a cheap AoE spell that can help clear out mobs for quicker EXP.

Berserker is Earth element, so Earth Jewels will halve damage output on that boss.

Xain can be fought at L14. Here's the strategy: Earth Jewels still work on normal attacks, but Bloody Horns and Terio Punch both deal non-elemental damage (like Cort's Guilty Cross). I've tried it at L13, but Noa can't reliably survive Bloody Horns and Gala can't reliably survive Terio Punch without Spirit until 14.


I have now added the speedrun notes for all versions of Legend of Legaia (No Slots) under the GUIDE section.


From some parts those no slots guides are pretty confusing. But still it's a good start. Think I try to learn this at some point.