Defining 100%
9 years ago
Oklahoma, USA

I posed this question on my stream, but it's worth formally going ahead and hashing this out:

What exactly should we define 100% as?

I propose the following definition: ¤ 260 / 260 items (All of the items the game keeps track of on the endgame screen) ¤ All characters with 22/22 magic ¤ All characters with 15/15 Arts (note that this is a requirement for 22/22 magic)

This does not include: ¤ Earth Egg (100,000 coins at Sol) ¤ Water Egg (20,000 points at Buma fishing pond) ¤ War God Icon (50,000 points at Sebucus fishing pond; beating Master Course does count toward 260 items) ¤ Evil Talisman / Evil Seru Key (though we will of course get Evil Talisman as in any%) ¤ Level 99 / 9,999,999 EXP ¤ 0 deaths / 0 escapes.

Anyone else care to accept or tweak this definition?

Oklahoma, USA

I wanted to add one thing: 100% should probably include Lapis, even if it's not formally tracked. Lapis can be beaten using the Jedo trick anyway, so it doesn't cost too much time; he can be beaten glitchless/deathless by L40 in any case.