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5 years ago
Victoria, Australia

I don't own a fast disc PS2 and I managed to dig up my physical PAL copy of Legaia; I use a PSone for actually playing it, but my AV capture card is a USB Dazzle pos that vomits trying to cope with the PSX input (works okayish with my Wii, but not the PSX).

Any advice?



I would want you to download this trial edition of Pinnacle Studio

After installation you can start the program and select IMPORT (inside Pinnacle Studio). There should be a tab with Dazzle DVC capture card, if not. Then you need to restart the PC (and unplug the Dazzle). Before starting the Pinnacle Studio, re-insert the USB cable for your capture card and now it should be able to display the Dazzle inside the IMPORT feature of Pinnacle Studio. This is the best way to record gameplay from a Dazzle.

If it still doesn't work, then you don't have the proper drivers installed for Dazzle. They are included in the folder of the INSTALL of the TRIAL EDITION of Pinnacle Studio (version 1.08 I believe is there by default). Install that and repeat the steps mentioned above and it should work. There make sure to select PAL/SECAM/NTSC (whichever works). If no image, then that is because you either use S-video or Composite.

Let us know how it went. Should be taking less than 30 min to complete these steps. :)

Victoria, Australia

Haven't had an opportunity to do this yet (probably tomorrow when I can afford to get all dusty), but uh, I can't exactly afford the 70 bucks for the full version if this actually does work, so that's kind of a limited-time fix... :v


Nah, I think the trial may still start the importing feature. I don't know, but you can try it out. Just make sure it works to begin with. There are old versions. Earliest Pinnacle V 14 or above will work well.

Once that is calibrated you can use OBS to instantly capture the footage like a webcamera, but then you won't have any audio. So that is the downside to OBS. You can also, after that works, download AmaRec. but I Have no experience with it myself, but it will work once Pinnacle Works. :D

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Victoria, Australia

Haha, alright. I'll give it a shot in a minute and report back real soon.

Victoria, Australia

Yeah, well, it ended up not being real soon because of IRL and moving house but I ended up with an HDMI-AV converter to replace my POS Dazzle so that actually works, thanks.