5 years ago
Victoria, Australia

Do we have a defined epsxe build or similar to run on? Both my old PlayStations have given up the ghost.

Los Angeles, CA, USA

There isn't much of a Legaia speedrunning community from which to draw an answer from, but I would say that as long as you stream your run, you should be good. EPSXE is probably fine. Bizhawk is probably fine.

Just know that running Legaia on anything not 77K+ series PS2 w/ FDS will result in major time loss. I would suggest saving up some funds for a 90K if you plan on making a serious run at the WRs.

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Oklahoma, USA

To add to it, the Incense Shenanigans seem to work a little differently depending on what specific console and console version you are using; you might have to do some rerouting of the skips if you don't use a 90K.

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Victoria, Australia

I wasn't planning on doing NG+/incense skips anyway so no worries there. Trying to find an FDS PAL PS2 for a not ridiculous price is suffering though qq


I do have a almost brand new PS2 90004 (latest PS2 model) PAL. I understand I would have to ship it to Australia, and I do believe the shipping cost is around 10 Euro. It also has the possibility to play all region games if you want to (region free PS1/PS2). You can turn off the region free thing by holding in START while booting it up for a non-mod chip experience (it disables it until you restart the console). I spent about 250 Euro on getting this console brand new. I do not use it anymore since I have got native american and japanese consoles now. I got it in the beginning of my speedrunning career to be able to play all games.

I don't know if 100 Euro sounds respectable without controller:

  • Console PS2 90004 PAL (region free) almost new (probably used 50-100 hours in total since I purchased it)
  • Power Cord (EU Standard) You can use any region's standard power cable since the transformator is built in.
  • Standard Video/Audio cable with Scart possibility.

Let me know if you are interested. I don't know if that is too much but I don't really need it so if it is cheap or not I don't know.

Victoria, Australia

That's a long way from too much, I'm just broke so I can't afford it. I really appreciate the offer though!