Something sounds/looks off on this 1st place run
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Something sounds/looks off on this 1st place run

I started watching the 1st Place run by Dragondarch. Near the end of the run I saw/heard something that didn't seem right. Start at about 19:05, then watch and listen and at 19:13 you'll see the character blink forward and the sound will actually skip to a different part of the song. If you've put some hours into this game, as I have you'll hear the sound skip that I'm talking about. Something doesn't seem right here, I couldn't find a decent way to get a hold of a mod so I'm posting this here.

United States

That was an issue with the transfer to from Twitch to YouTube.

For reference, here's the original broadcast:

(I should probably just switch the video link to the twitch VOD...)

Awesome, I'm glad that's all it was; great run! I'll go and shut my pie hole now