Permission to Create Family% Category
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Permission to Create Family% Category
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Hey Everybody!

I would like to make the Family% Category a reality. Rules being all Family members used to obtain the crowns in their own area with pause jumps allowed (this really being the only distinguishing factor from the No-pause jump category). I have completed my first good attempt in the link below.

Lyll, Mayna, and Rohas runs are exactly the same as Any%, with the exceptions of Lyll grabbing the Rose and Mayna grabbing the extra crystal in their areas. Manipulations are the same. Xemn's manipulation is exactly the same as Any% to Lyll when she does his area.

Pochi's manipulation starts off the same as Xemn's, but I have found new scrolls in his area, though they are extremely hard to hit and a work in progress for consistency. I also found a really simple, consistent manipulation for obtaining Xemn's glove.

My Family% run is linked below:

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I would run this as well since I plan on running all the versions

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OK, so I am the lowest person on the Moderator totem pole here, but I just want to make sure I completely understand before I nudge some of the other Mods or cast my own vote.

Basically, you want a category that would be defined as the game being played "as it were intended" (in terms of using the correct character for each section/crown, hence "Family%"), but allow for any% tricks and manipulations? Please correct me if I am wrong or missed something. I think it is very clear, but just double checking.

It is good that you included a video of your own run, so the category would have a time before it were created. I would urge anyone else who would be interested in this category, to leave a comment here, or better yet, do a run of this category and link the video here. Categories that have a good amount of support are more likely to happen than a good idea/concept that is only going to have one or two times on the board. For as great of a game as this is, that defines all other categories we have for this game other than the main "NES Any%" one, and I would be hesitant to open up another category (by myself) if it would follow a similar path.

I will keep an eye on this post to see if more people show interest and/or submit some unofficial times, then poke the other Mods to see what they think. Feel free to message me on Twitch if I don't reply here within a few days, and sorry for the (temporary) long-winded "maybe".

Thanks for playing and supporting this game!

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Thanks for the reply! Yes, the category rules are as you described it: each member for their intended crown by any means. I appreciate you looking into it!