Speedrun/tech guide? (Pause jump, manips, etc)
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Speedrun/tech guide? (Pause jump, manips, etc)

Hey all,

I'm currently playing this game for the first time and really enjoying it, so I came around here to see how the speedrun is and it looks really neat! Is there any written-down information out there about how any of this stuff works though? (Pause jump, RNG manipulation, general routing). Would be super interested!

Thanks! <3

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Pause jumping works as follows...

  1. Jump
  2. Pause while in midair (wherever you pause would then force that as the height of your jump)
  3. Unpause (You need to drop for at least a frame)
  4. Pause again
  5. Unpause (Unpauses only work if you are hitting no additional buttons, so you have to unpause first then immediately hit the button to...)
  6. Jump

For RNG Manipulation & General Routing, as much as I hate when this answer is given to me, you would have to watch some of the faster speedruns and mimic those. The only RNG manipulation there is would be in getting scrolls to drop. Unfortunately nothing is out there as far as documentation goes and it has been best explained as "watch me/just do exactly what I do" when others have inquired about it. So if you are going to try that make sure you pay attention to where people stand when killing an enemy, the order enemies are killed in, and other things like re-zoning from one room to the next.

Hope you post some good times and achieve your goals. Looking forward to verifying them!