NG+ WR Impossible these days
7 years ago
Texas, USA

I was studying the amazing world record run for NG+ and realized that I can never beat it. not because of lack of skill, but lack of Canopic Jars.

Back when this run was done you could collect jars where your friends died allowing you to obtain ONYX weapons which are legendary gear and absurdly powerful, able to do way more damage than any other gun you could obtain.

As I don't have any friends playing the game, I have no way to obtain these jars, no way to obtain Onyx weapons, and therefore cannot even think of competing with the current world record.

Is it possible to add an option of With/Without Onyx Weapon ???

Otherwise, as I said, this run is impossible to beat unless I get someone to die repeatedly so I can get the jars.

Czech Republic

Hmm, that's a very interesting problem. It seems to me like something that should have been banned from the beginning, but original mods didn't do it.

I think we will have to create subcategories, if you agree. Does this only concern NG+ category or NG as well? What about coop runs?

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Texas, USA

It only applies to NG+. All weapons and gear get reset when you run in NG because you delete the save data. Co-op is also unaffected in NG. The Co-op relies more on glitch power than damage anyway. It would take too long in NG to obtain the weapons for a speedrun. I'm perfectly happy with subcatagories. Sorry for late reply. I'm at work and doing this post from my phone XD

Tennessee, USA

Taken care of. Let me know if I need to change anything else!

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