New type of run?
7 years ago
Texas, USA

So today I decided to try my hand at speedrunning this. I did a Pistol and Bomb only run, using the scepter where its required. The run was done in NG+ as I had already done a run of the game and have no idea how to reset to NG. The run took me 1 hour 53 minutes and 34 seconds. I don't have a capture card to record yet but will soon and will be submitting the run at that time. Would it be possible to add "Pistol Only" as a run option? And by Pistol Only I mean that Rings and an Amulet are allowed, but you CANNOT CONSUME AMMO.

I have never done a speedrun prior to this. I have only done one prior run of the game which was my first playthrough ever. I mapped the run as I went and made many clumsy mistakes and feel I could really shave that time down with a few more attempts.

But I would love to see this kind of challenge speedrun added ^_^ I understand if it doesn't happen.

Tennessee, USA

While this isn't a popular game, I'd rather not add a lot of categories only one person would run. Those types of speedruns are usually done just for fun anyways. If you can get some people to compete with you though I'd be happy to add them.

Texas, USA

I fully understand, at the time of making this post I was unaware of the amount of players for this game, but thank you for the response! It was also my first run ever and I was overly excited XD

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