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4 years ago

Starting 29/02/2020 new set of Rules has been implemented. All runs submitted before the time of this post are not affected by it.

As of now, new submissions must:

  • Show items (their names) that were used during the run. You can show them after the final battle, in the Treasure room. It's required for verification purposes, because:
  • Onyx items are banned. Using Onyx items in the run doesn't add anything significant enough to justify a separate category for them - most of them, specifically Amulets and Weapons have alternatives in the base game's content, for ex.
  • Osiris's Gold Fire Crook and Flail,
  • Set's Silver Fire Crook and Flail,
  • Spitfire. Those items (Epic & Legendary quality) perform just as good as Onyx ones; knowing that and the nature of how you acquire Onyx items in the first place - it was decided to forbid them to get everyone on the fair ground, especially people who don't have many friends playing the game (which is a main requirement to acquire those items).

Same deal with DLC items - they are, however, allowed in the runs, because of how insignificant they are to the speedrun. Majority of those items are sub-par to Epic quality items from the base game and don't affect, improve or add anything in current route to justify a separate category for them.

Reason to separate PC and Console:

  1. on high FPS PC version of the game allows Croft to roll through collision for a short period of time - if you can bomb yourself with the right timing you will appear on the other side of the collision you were trying to roll through. As far as I'm concerned - those tricks don't work on console due to the low FPS, but they are saving reasonable amount of time to set platforms apart.
  2. On high FPS game starts to drain resources of your computer at insane rate, which makes those skips possible mainly on high-end machines - if runs including those skips will be submitted - we will most likely separate it from 60 FPS ones to keep p2w-ness away.

Check Guides section for more information regarding those skips.

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Recent updates:

  1. You can now pause the timer if game crashed at any point - restart it, press Continue and once you loaded back into the game - unpause the timer. That's the only instance when you are allowed to pause the timer during a run - please note that in your submission if you did.

2.1) Onyx items are back in action on PC across all categories. You are allowed to use any savefile that you find containing them. I will be uploading one to Resources page soon enough.

2.2) Even though Onyx weapons are not as superior as they were thought out to be - they still able to save you a second or two per some of the fights utilizing bombs compared to base game items - so for Console runs they are still forbidden, due to inability of transferring savefiles between consoles + requirement of online play to read out friends list + having friends who play the game. You still have to show your inventory (amulet name, to be precise) that you were using in the run - either during tutorials that open up the inventory for you or after you completed the run and stand in Treasure Room - for both full-game and ILs. Refer to this as your mini-guide to how Onyx weapons look.

2.3) Due to DLC items being barely on par and not better than base game high-end ones - DLC/No DLC variable will become obsolete for both PC and Console.

  1. If you are submitting runs for Console online co-op - please submit both perspectives due to 2.2)^

At some point load remover will be implemented for PC runs, finally allowing for checkpoint reload timesaves, so look out for that too.

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