GCO Treasure route
GCO Treasure route
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this route is a little bit hastily put together and might thus be hard to use as actual notes, just use this as a base if you want to make notes.

:::TREE::: 1: right in the way, you can't miss it 2: inbewtween the flowers. suck up the aligator, try to shoot at quickly as possible, if you kill the flower jump early and unpuff the block away 3: suck up the second aligator, make sure you don't break the second bomb block! 4: down to the left, the button section. grab wing, the down smash will help with the double buttons. 5: after the first body of water, above the two beakable blocks 6: when going over the lava, make sure not to destroy the middle block. Go up left to break the block to release it, go back to get it 7: the small platform with the bomb block underneath, break the bomb block, go down right 8: all the way up this time. Break the first block, go the right. it is in the upper block where the one block down is 9: go a little to the right, break the two breakables and the one that block the water flow. If you have wing go to the waterflow and break the last block with flaps, else go further to the right to break it first. 10: to the upper left after bonkers, go into the cannon. 11: go up one ladder then all the way down the next. care for the gordo's! 12: in the middle of the room, simply destroy the bomb blocks 13: the last cuttable platform, it's down there

:::CRYSTAL::: 14: when in the water all the way down, under the breakable blocks 15: above 14 Keepo 16: go left, click the first button, water should fall down 17: the button in the water, make sure you hover above the gap so the chest won't fall down 18: behind the barrier with the button 19: go up, it's on a ledge to the left 20: break the bomb block ont he right, it's in the door there 21: right next to 20 (> ^ - ^)> POYO <( ^ - ^ <) 22: go up, when you defeat the Poppy Bro sr. it falls down

23: go into the middle door, go up through the water then down again, break the first star block you see after the zig zag 24: on the third spiky drop, go left, should be right there 25: go down into the water, make sure you get this one, you only have one chance or you'll lose a minute

26: right door, go down, should be inside one of the breakable blocks on the far right side 27: back up, hit the button on the up left, after things clear up it's right there, care for spikes 28: hit the bomb block on the bottom when you see it, care for tacs here, they suck 29: go down towards the gordo there. Go through the section(jet is best here) it's all the way on the right

:::Tower::: make sure you have wing when entering here go into the upper door, go left 30: after the second stone, go farther right into the sleepy room, if you're not certain you can go through without hitting one of them, helper the wing, you definitly need wing for later on 31: go back up, it's on the left of the three floating platforms(under the door) 32: into the door, then it's up helper wing here, grab stone, again, need it for later 33: when all the way on the top go left. jump to the left as quickly as possible go into the boss room next to set up the deathwarp, go back out use stone to break the blocks, go right 34: in the room with the body of water in the middle, go up, destroy the block with stone 35: go into either the left door or the right door. let the wing helper cut the platform then break the peg, deathwarp after getting the treasure fight chameleo arm go to the right. go into the cannons to the left. 36: hit the button then go up as quick as you can, there's a black tile that acts as a door 37: go right on the cannons, go up, there's a hidden door above the block in the middle of the line platforms go back into the cannons, then up, you should be outside the tower again, go into the upper door then go right 38: break the first bomb block you see, it's right under there 39: the room after that, use the jet charged jump to break the bomb block right at the start. take the catapult to the treasure 40: hit the button, try not to destroy the bomb block, you need the hammer ability from bonkers for another chest later on 41: the room after bonkers, hit the bomb block and go down, it's after the third cannon. go back up and to the right 42: when entering the main room, go up, it should be after the second cannon. stand under one of the blocks then jump and hold up. after getting the chest, hold R or L to shield the gordos go into the door to the left. break the peg with hammer go down the elevators. you don't need hammer once you've reached the elevators 43: go up, grab fire to defeat Jukid, the chest falls down after defeating him helper Fire go to the next room 44: go down into the water, let Fire Leo light the fuse and get into the cannon it's right there 45: go into the lower door, it's in the middle. after grabbing the chest, deathwarp to the start of Tower, go to the left

:::GARDEN::: 46: hit the button, it's in the round tile that appears, care for getting hit 47: grab jet and charge up to full on the that platform. stand to the right. time your B press into the middle and hold down. fall down and it's there in the main room, go the right first 48: after the first set of cannons 49: after defeating Bugzzy 50: break the bomb block with all the things inside, it's almost impossible not to get hit, don't worry 51: helper Jet, grab Crash, crash the button open and go grab that chest, right after that it's the star go into the left door 52: at the highest point, there's some grass. press down on the on with the waterfall beneath it 53: the middle cannon, you need to light the fuse for it, be sure not to break the lowest block 54: go into the left cannon, make sure the blocks are broken, go into the first door you see, right button ;) 55: go to the right door, this is the room with all the electricity and spikes 56: go to the left, then fall into the left gap, there's nothing on the right, first door you see all the way on the top 57: go all the way up, helper wheel to do a wheelie ride to grab Tire, fitting (> ^ - ^)> POYO <( ^ - ^ <) 58: go through the gap on the left, then go down into the right door there. you see where it is right three 59: grab cutter and make sure you only cut the left most platform. then cut the left one again, and go to the right to claim your prize 60: room with the springs, go all the way down, if you hand all the way to the left or right, you can do a down B to easily break the block and not hit the spring. get the TRIFORCE and sell it to Ganon (> ^ - ^)> POYO <( ^ - ^ <)

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