The Arena, The True Arena & Helper to Hero
3 months ago
Anaheim, CA, USA

Can we get these three categories going? I'm not sure if you can sort helper to hero into every single helper but at least the Arenas need leaderboards

Washington, USA

The first two are already categories, but they're set aside from the main categories and I don't blame you for missing them. With the current layout there's an arrow on the right side of the category bar that expands it and shows the miscellaneous categories. As for helper to hero, there are other sites that track all the helpers individually, including Cyberscore (I don't know if this has the best records, so do your own research if you would like):

Anaheim, CA, USA

Ah I see thank you. Is there a category for 2P arena and 2P true arena. I see the 1p2c which I assume stands for 1 player 2 controllers, but is there a general 2P category for the arenas?

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