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So this is where we talk about MKU routing and strats. Since there is a skype group I'll update this thread with whatever there has been talked about in the skype group. If you want in on skype, you can always ask here ^^

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so i got bored in class so i made a more extensive point guide for MKU than the old Meta Quick route

I will edit this guide later on to add specific boss strats. They will be mine, so if you want me to put other strats in there, please tell me :P


I had been thinking btw, and i've kind of alrdy used it during my PB now that we have different galacta knight strats, we don't have to farm up to 40 points before we enter Virus 2 instead, we can enter with the minimun amount of 31 points since galacta's minions give 9 points...


cool strat that guesst found out: you can go down platforms and ladders quickly by pressing down and shield. you can simply hold both of them at the same time and it skips the landing/crouch animation

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You can save time by doing a cannon skip here because the blocks can be broken with meta knight, and with good rng you can get 2 points from an enemy that will run into your sword swings

and you can save time by pausing and unpausing the game while on top of these blocks in dyna blade because it will cause them to break with no delay, although it can be tedious if you are also trying to get rid of a meta knight from a mega jump

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By doing a short hop off of the ledge in these two spots you can save 1 frame in the earlier RoMK room and 3 frames in the later room, note that you have to do the short hop that has 2 Jump inputs without a non jump input in between the two.

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