Meta Knightmare Ultra Megajump Spots
Meta Knightmare Ultra Megajump Spots
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IMPORTANT: DO NOT use this trick for 100%, this trick is IGT only since the in-game timer stops during Helper animations.

To Megajump you first need to know how to do the superslide. You do a lunging slice(running attack) and as fast as you can you use your touchpad to summon a helper(Knight Call). Without any inputs you should just slide over the ground at a decent speed. If you time a jump correctly however you can jump really far saving .5 to 1 second! Each spot is a little different and i'll rank them as hard or easy, i'll also explain some of the small things that go along the jumps that you need to know to preform them without it messing up your point route.

Megajump 1: Location: the room right after defeating Whispey woods in Spring breeze Difficulty: easy/medium Points: You need to make sure that in the first screen of Spring Breeze you kill the waddle doo(and if you're lucky you got the mushroom he is not necessary though) or else you won't have enough points to tornado Lololo & Lalala. Note: Make sure you time your flap pretty late or else you'll get hit by the squid Unhelper: you can unhelper anytime you want, and as late as mr. Frosty. Best is the next room when falling down

**Megajump 2: ** Location: second room of Dyna Blade Difficulty: easy Note: Try to delay your lunging slice that provides the jump as long as possible, preferably killing the parasol waddle dee. This is also a good spot for practicing the timing of the jump since there's a lot of room and points to practice on. Unhelper: as shown in the vid, you can do it earlier

Megajump 3: Location: the second room of Mallow Castle, or the second room after the room with Chef Kawasaki(in Dyna Blade) Difficulty: hard Note: You have a really short amount of time to use Knight Call and at the same time you have to properly time your jump as well. Jumping too early undershoots the platform and too late overshoots it. If you do under or overshoot it, hold up to get onto the ladder instantly. Unhelper: during the autoscroller, pick a nice moment ;)

Megajump 4: Location: second room after the autoscroller in Dyna Blade Difficutly: easy/medium Note: try to delay the lunging slice again, also try to get the flap B at the proper timing or you'll facetank the mushroom Unhelper: AFTER tornadoing, not before like the vid does, my bad...

Megajump 5: Location: the third room of Cacao Cave, or the windy room in Dyna Blade Difficutly: easy/medium Points: i personally think this sort off derps your points for later, but it's okay. Note: this megajump is optional, i don't do it in runs but if you want to do them go ahead. The difficulty in this jump is that you have to Meta Quick during the jump and right after doing it try to time out the flap B correctly. The vid did it wrong, but with correct timing you can kill the Waddle Dee. Unhelper: at the beginning of the next room i guess, i don't do this jump so make something up yourself.

Megajump 6: Location: the room after defeating Heavy Lobster in Revenge of Meta Knight Difficutly: medium Note: this megajump's difficulty isn't really the jump itself, but rather the fact that you can't practice it easily. Immediately after the jump you need to press B and after landing you need to try and do a lunging slice. This follow up is pretty hard and the vid failed it as well. Also the vid happens to be a full run, pls dont get caught up in watching it all. (If the vid doesnt work correctly, scroll to 14:09 for the jump) Unhelper: at the start of the Iron Man fight. This might mess up your timing a little, but with a little practice you'll get used to the new timing.

Megajump 7: Location: the room after defeating Main Cannon #2 in Revenge of Meta Knight Difficulty: easy/medium Note: the difficulty of this one is in the follow up, try to do what the vid does. Unhelper: next room or delay till mr. Frosty

Megajump 8: Location: the second room after defeating Heavy Lobster a second time in Revenge of Meta Knight Difficulty: medium Points: this is a megajump you should only attempt if you didnt have 50 points before Heavy Lobster, if you had 50 points, you can go for the Meta quick on the last straight before Reactor without losing too many points. If you don't do the Megajump, use Meta Quick in this room still. Note: you have limited space but it's not all that difficult. Try to do flap B's as follow up through the rest of the room Unhelper: next room at the start. do not delay till elevator since the helper usually pushes you off the elevator

Megajump 9: Location: the second room in Hotbeat(or Fire Planet) Difficulty: hard Note: you have a really small window to do the jump and you HAVE to B after the jump or you'll get hit by the Scarfy. Try to delay your B press by a couple of frames so you dont hit the peg but you do hit the scarfy without recoiling. It's annoying to fail it and even more annoying to practice it. If you dont feel you're good enough with it, DON'T DO IT during a run.

Thx again to theguesst for finding this trick, I FUCKING LOVE IT!

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