Meta Knightmare Ultra IGT extensive point guide
Meta Knightmare Ultra IGT extensive point guide
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So this is a basic point route guide which does take into account the Megajumps, note that most megajumps dont take up too many points(2) and i have already made a guide which explains how most of them work. As always, make sure you watch a run or two either with this guide or before reading this guide so you can see the spots more clearly. Also, for newer runners if you Heal, you HAVE to skip the next Meta Quick since this will screw up your point counts.

:::Spring Breeze::: If you're gonna go for the megajump after Whispy, make sure you get the waddle doo in the first room. Otherwise you can jump over him and do a spinning slash off of the raised platform to get your positioning right for the rest of the room

**MQ(Meta Quick): **right after killing poppy bro sr. Look at a run to see how to do it without standing still MQ: after Whispy. If not going for the megajump, do a lunging slice and then the MQ, else, look at the megajump guide.

Make sure you have at least 19 points before fighting Mr. Frosty. If you have less than 24 points, make sure you do get Mr. Frosty's points so you'll end up with at least 24 points before grabbing the star. If you don't have this amount of points, reset.

MT(Mach Tornado): lololo&lalala, make sure to not do it early. MQ: after defeating lololo&lalala. You can do it on the same screen if you time it correctly, it's a visual cue for when the points hit you

Make sure you have at least 20 points before entering the fight with Kracko(not Kracko Jr.).

**MT: **DeDeDe. You can either MT then wait 10 frames to do a lunging slice. Or you can do it the other way around(make sure to wait the 10 frames)

:::Dyna Blade::: **MQ: **at the start of the second room. Doing the megajump has no effect on the point route. MQ: at the start after the previous room. Do this so you can lunging slice jump onto the ladders MQ: in the next room, after passing the sir Kibble on the high platform. This is to have a nice timing for the next MQ MQ: after entering the castle. Megajump does not affect the point route

AUTOSCROLLER HYPE! do a little dance.

MQ: after the autoscroller. Do one lunging slice, and try to MQ during it then do another lunging slice before going into the door.

If not going for the Megajump in the next room, simply do a lunging slice and jump then lunging slice to break the bomb block.

**MT: **Bonkers. Try not to do it too early, but at the same time, try not to be too slow.(makes sense huh) **MQ: **at the start of the room after Bonkers. This is to insure a nice timing later on. **MQ: **right after it runs out. This should be in the windy room during a jump, this might be a little tricky, but try to do it as fast as possible to make sure you have a proper timing for the next one. **MQ: **again, right after the previous one runs out. This should be either right before the door to the room with catapults, or right after entering that door. Timing doesn't matter anymore. **MQ: **at the start of the room after the room with Bugzzy.

After this room you should have points in the range of 36-42 points

**MQ: **at the end of the room with the waterfalls, or at the start of the room with the cannon. right now you should have points in the range of 32-38 points.

Pay attention to your points now. if you have 38 points after entering the room before the boss rush, you can MQ during this room. Make sure however that you farm up enough to get at least 43 points before leaving this room. If you do not have 38 points, just farm up a bit, don't worry, it doesn't lose too much time(maybe a second or so).

MT: Bonkers, again, not too late or too early you should have at least 18 points right now. MQ: after defeating Iron Man. Doesn't really matter when, if it is at least done before you get timed into the next room MT: Dyna Blade. You can MT the moment the health bar appears(With Dyna Blade offscreen), but if you delay to 3/4 of full health, you can see where Dyna Blade has spawned so you can react to it better.

:::Great Cave Offensive::: **MQ: **right at the start. Make sure you get enough points during the next few rooms.

You should have at least 18 points before entering the room with lava.

**MQ: **during the jump over the lava. **MQ: **the moment after the previous one has run out. you should have at least 15 points by now.

Farm up to at least 30 points before entering the boss room, any extra points will create a fail-save for the rest of GCO and if done right even gives you extra points in Revenge of Meta Knight

**MT: **Fatty Whale. He'll do either of 2 patterns. 1: He goes for a big jump. lunging slice him as fast as it'll do damage to him. Interrupt your slice with the MT. either do a spinning slash or another lunging slice to finish him off 2: He goes for a series of small jumps(splashing before he's on screen is the cue). Jump meta chop him whilst he's in the air then lunging slice. Interrupt the lunging slice with the MT

**MQ: **right before leaving the boss room. **MQ: **at the start of the room after falling down. You should have at least 19 points here, but you'd rather have something like 21. **MT: **the Magician of Computer Virus. You can only hit him when he's on the ground, the cue is when you see the dust clouds. **MQ: **right before leaving the boss room. Doing it here gets the timing nice for the next MQ. **MQ: **the moment the previous one runs out, this should be around the moment you hit the minecart tracks

You should have at least 16 points before getting the button points. Make sure to have 30 points before entering the boss room. It's nice to have more than 30 points so you have extra points in Revenge of Meta Knight

**MT: **Wham Bam Rock. There are multiple strats out there to get him low enough, but the base rule is two meta chops before the MT

:::Revenge of Meta Knight::: **MQ: **at the start of the room.

You should have at least 5 points when fighting Heavy Lobster.

**MQ: **the room after defeating Heavy Lobster. If not going for the Megajump, simply jump. For the Megajump, the summoned knight should be able to regain the points he cost you. **MQ: **right after defeating Iron Man.

AUTOSCROLLER HYPE! do a little dance, you've got a minute for it. You should have in a range of 31-38 points right now.

**MT: **Double whispy woods. **MQ: **the room after grabbing the star.

Make sure you have at least 28 points after exiting the room after the MQ room

**MT: **double Bonkers. If you stand on the right of both Bonkers they will both fall to the left after being defeated, giving you an easy lunging slice to finish them off. **MQ: **at the end of the flapping part.

After entering the cannon you should have points in the range of 12-20 points

MQ: the room after fading out to the cannon. **MQ: **in the room with the elevators, you can do it as early as you want. You should have at least 26 points right after the MQ **MT: **Jukid and Poppy Bro Sr. Immediately go to the left of the two spawning then MT. This makes them fall to the right, once again making for an easy lunging slice to kill them **MQ: **right after Main Cannon #2. No real change with Megajumps

before entering the boss room, you should have points in a range of 46-50. Remember this point count.

**MT: **Heavy Lobster II, before the MT you should have hit two meta chops and two lunging slices **MQ: **after the room with the cannons, the windy room. If you had less than 50 points before entering Heavy Lobster II, do the Megajump. **MQ: **after the elevators, if you had 50 points before entering Heavy Lobster II. **MT: **the moment you enter the reactor room. Be careful not to do it a room early, it can happen.

:::Milky Way Wishes::: You should have at least 10 points when entering here. Get a few points here and there, and after the first tree, start farming by doing two lunging slices. Do this twice then MQ, you should have points in the range of 22-28 points.

**MT: **Double Whispy woods **MQ: **second room of Aquarius.

Next up you can either MQ right after this room, but it is a bit hard and takes some practice. Else you can delay your MQ to the room with the currents. Make sure you have at least 30 points after this room.

**MT: **Fatty Whale, again, fatty can do 2 patterns 1: Big jump, Lunging slice him as quickly as you can deal damage and interrupt with MT. Try to hit him with a spinning slash then a lunging slice. This doesnt always kill so there is a chance to hit him once more. 2: Small jumps(again, cue is splashing), do a meta chop, then lunging slice through him. Try not to do this too early or you'll facetank him. Then do an up thrust, followed by the MT.

**MQ: **second room after the Fatty whale fight. **MQ: **at the start of Hotbeat. Farm your way through so that at the second room you'll have 36-38 points. **MQ: **second room of Hotbeat.

If you have 34 points at the two bomb guys you can do another MQ, if you do the Megajump, this might not be attainable.

**MT: **Chameleo Arm. Do one meta chop and then do a lunging slice which you interrupt with the MT. **MQ: **right after defeating Chef Kawasaki. **MQ: **right after defeating Bonkers. **MT: **Wham Bam Rock, you need two meta chops(or spinning slashes, strat difference) and a lunging slice, interrupt with MT. **MQ: **the second room of Mekkai. **MQ: **the next room, after hitting the button that spawns the blocks. **MQ: **The second room after Heavy Lobster III, it's a little hard to do this room without grabbing the star, but with practice it's a lot faster. **MQ: **as the previous one dies out.

At this point, try to farm up to at least 31 points before entering the virus fight, if you want to be safe about your points, go up to 40, if you want to heal BEFORE the Virus fight, save up 41, you can't heal after Virus if you MT on Galacta Knight

**MT: **The Great Dragon of Computer Virus II. Hit him down to a max of 190HP then MT, be fast though or else your MT will miss **MT: **Galacta Knight, hold on to your points until he goes into the center of the screen for the third time, then quickly MT. This has a chance to kill, if it doesn't, up thrust a couple of times.

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