Newly discovered game version !
Newly discovered game version !
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(first time testing this site feature out) You heard it right ! A brand new version that's in Japanese, yet isn't the original nor Namcollection.

After noticing a weird gameplay discrepancy in one of Nazzareno's earlier submitted runs, his help, roughly 8 months later....

...we humbly present to you : Klonoa "Playstation the Best for Family" (

Some minor, but still notable highlights of the differences :

  • "Family" has the 100 gemscene glitch, unlike original JAP
  • it has the normal Rongo-Lango hitboxes, as opposed to JAP's completely messed up ones that always push you to the right
  • it doesn't have the two Pamela consistent softlocks JAP has
  • it doesn't allow the infinite double-jump glitch contrary to JAP
  • last but not least, Family's Karal's cry for help cutscene trigger line is situated a few foot away from the door, unlike JAP where it is immediately triggered upon entering the "room". Aside from losing a little bit of time, this difference is key in allowing us to clearly dinstinguish the two versions apart. See the doc of version differences for more info (

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find any reliable info on its date of release. Based off all the differences that we know (, it is definitely related to USA and PAL, but this is sadly as far as speculation can go.

Whatever it is... we need to add a new variable that distinguishes it with the other JAP versions ! And after that, ideally, all front board JAP region runs will be tested with this and have their info updated, were they ever playing with it.

Well, I've actually already investigated this before. Unsurprisingly, I can already affirm that Nazzareno had played on this version... but it might be of a bigger surprise that Amane also had ! Mostly their older runs, however. It definitely seems much rarer to find than the original around here.

Anyways that's it, rest is left for the mods to handle. Some very exciting piece of news there, at least to me. And I'm sure it's not gonna be the end of it.

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