Version difference document access
Version difference document access
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This is a document listing every known DtP version differences I made and expanded over the years. For a long time I maintained it on Discord, but that wasn't very practical. And given the importance of this file, and that it was exclusive to the server, I moved it to here. [Edit : and as of today, moved to an online google doc]

You have information about the behavior of each version related to certain things in the game. If I think that some difference is relevant for speedrunning, it will be highlighted in blue, whereas missing version information is in red.

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[Update desc ~~7 november 2021] Another weird music bug on Namcollection and 6-1, similar but not quite to the music fade-down bug. Here, a main music variant that shouldn't play at the final room of the stage does once it loads, then immediately cuts and leaves place to the other minor variant. This makes it another way to detect this specific version.

[Other update] Cleaned up some differences by testing Namcollection myself. Nothing too surprising except the fact that it seems to not allow music mute glitches. This should include any of the pause at last moment audio glitches found with bosses, but this remains to be proven.

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[Update three 30 december 2021]

  • Filled in some of the missing Namcollection info. Mostly about Ghadius, and minor stuff, but most notably I have completely renewed the 3-1 third key door skip difference, now that I have finally reproduced this setup for myself. What's currently pending is very unrealistic to be done without save-states.

  • Added the difference in the miscellaneous section about shading effects not working properly

  • Added in Pamela about her end-battle purification sound playing under different pitches

  • Added in Nahatomb about his death cry after being struck by Hyupow, unexplicably duplicating itself. This is the first discovered version difference related to this boss, but it should be mentioned that another difference has already been suggested to exist before this, even if it still has yet to be fully elucidated.

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[Update four (small) 10 january 2021] Added the line that the Japanese version downloadable on PS3 is most likely always Family

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[Update five 9 april 2022] Added a difference of the black fade-down process that happens after selecting a level in the world map. It effectively make Namcollection 100%NG+ runners lose some time throughout the run compared to other versions.

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[Update six 3/4/12 june 2022] New difference found in 4-1. On JPN, if you start the stage, and wall-clip to the other side of the first room, enemies will never spawn and you won't be able to cross the gap (unless you still have the enemy on you). They will come back if you reload the room from the door in the vicinity. As such, JPN players will lose about 3 seconds there if they run any% on this version. Also improved the knowledge on one of the Pamela differences. The one when holding Seadoph. Also did some very minor clean-ups. Amoser found a difference in 2-2 surrounding a wall that can't be clipped through as easily anymore on Namcollection... which is the exact opposite situation of the wall in 4-1. Seriously, how is it even supposed to make sense...

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[Update seven 15th of august 2022] Mostly an update based around making the document easier to update. But I also added a small difference about the save feature text being differenf if you save on a PS1, or on PS2 Namcollection. No words about PS3/PSN stuff though.

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[Update eight 29th of august 2022] New version difference in 3-2, related to the main hub cog platform. The Most importantly, the recently found 3-2 RTA displacement clip isn't possible on JPN.

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[Update nine 4th of january 2023] Small update about some weird noise in 4-2, that may or may not be version specific, but that has to this point only ever be heard there. Actually, small update to this update. A new shading visual bug has been found in Namcollection, the background mountain range in Baladium's fighting area lacks a haze effect. I lied. Two weeks later, but still. Yet again a Namcollection difference surrounding FMV cutscenes, which can appear as worse. Nope ! One week later, new add ! This time though it's something already known about for years, the Ghadius slowdowns on Namcollection. Just that it wasn't really fully clear if it was a version difference or not until now at long last. And another one, obviously. A corrupted Klonoa sprite during Nahatomb. This one was again known for a time, but didn't get properly investigated until now.

[Update ten 10th of march 2023] Two brand new version differences, both very interesting. One is about the infinite double-jump glitch, the other about the rate of fire of Klonoa's ring. Edit, cause it's only been 8 days. Another unconsciously known but previously unwritten version difference has been added, pertaining to boss loading-screen behavior of Namcollection. Oh, we're on fire these past couple months. Added a 3-1 difference concerning Klonoa's foot corruption upon entering the end cutscene.

[Update eleven 7th of may 2023] Added a ultra jump version difference for JPN it looks like. I didn't explore the differences of this one very much as I'm quite busy currently. ...I didn't want to update the doc and this description with just that, honestly. Which is why I'm happy I found another difference moments after ! And quite a significant one ! A meaningful speedrunning difference in 4-2 ! Might only be for JPN however. Wow. And another one, a couple of weeks after. Related to the HUD. An even easier way of spotting Namcollections runs ! And, updated the 4-2 unique Plown-like sound entry with a new location you can hear it from. And I added a version difference bound to a consistent Gelg Bolm crash on Namcollection. The crash itself was known for a dozen months now, but it's only recently that we've assessed its cause and version coverage. And²²² I added a Namcollection crash that seems to consistently happen when getting out of the arena in Pamela. And I updated the Namcollection 4-2 crash description with more information. And I added a small audio glitch that may be JPN only ?

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[Update twelve 11th of october 2023]

Nothing new, I mostly just cleaned the missing Namcollection info. Nothing to note in that regard.

What remains is either not super realistic to do RTA, obscure glitches with unknown triggers, or requiring extensive studying.

I lied of course. New difference about yet another audio glitch that seems exclusive to JPN.

...And another one right after, which relates to the appearance of glitched frames (and more strange behavior), by pressing pause on the first frame possible as the stage/boss arena loads in.

And many, many more. Just keep reading what's above Rongo Lango.

Some weeks later, even more ! A new Ghadius corruption. "now loading" text differences. Title screen bug ! And the long awaited and definitely not overdue, warning message exclusive to PAL.

And to top it all off, a pretty significant speedrun difference in 5-2 ! You know who that one goes to.

(november but shhhh) a memory card removal difference was found. Benefiting you know who.

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[Update thirteen 14th of february 2024]

Extremely small version difference, but an important one to know for top level, as it may trip you when trying to learn 3-1 for 100%NG+. Some weird plane transition difference to Namcollection.

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[Update fourteenth 23 of march 2024]

Some pre-boss loading animation version differences. Pamela, Gelg Bolm and Nahatomb.

Possibly more incoming ?

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